Discover the Treasures of Two Italian Masters

The Christine Fréchard Gallery will host an Opening Reception of Two Great Italian Masters this Friday, April 24. Come and meet the artists, Pier Luigi Slis and Laura D’Andrea, at the Gallery located at 5871 Forbes Avenue (between Shady & Murray).

Pier Luigi Slis is an amazing talented artist living in a small village in Northern Italy. In 2012, he participated in the Venice Biennale.  He is a brilliant artist and completed devoted to his passion: painting.

Born in Sicily, Laura D’Andrea Petrantoni lives and works in Sicily and Rome. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome and Urbino, printing and xylography, and literature and philosophy at the university of Grenoble. In 1980, she studied Arabic calligraphy in Cairo, and executed a series of xylography, then presented at the Education Ministry and the Egypt Academy in Rome.

Call 412-421-8888 for details or visit the gallery’s website.




Pesronality Profile: Robert Tick


Ciao Pittsburgh is launching our new and improved Personality Profile series on current and former Pittsburghers and what being Italian means to them. 

I am Italian!!!

(as told to Ciao Pittsburgh by Robert Tick)

I was born on a cold winter day at West Penn Hospital on February of 1946.  My parents lived in Squirrel Hill in half of a double house with my father’s sister Aunt Bessie. Dad was a Russian Jew and Mom was a German Catholic.  My Dad told my Mom it was OK to raise the kids Catholic.  However to appease Aunt Bessie she was told the kids would be raised with no religion and choose what they wanted to be when they came of age.  One day my sister was in the back yard proudly wearing her First Holy Communion pin.  When my sister showed my Aunt the pin she immediately told my Dad he and his family had to move. I was 6 months old and don’t remember her or living in Squirrel Hill.

My Dad bought a house on Bennett Street in Homewood and opened his 5 & Dime Dry Goods store in Brushton.  Homewood in those days was a wonderful neighborhood to live in.  Mother of Good Counsel church was a block away and the neighborhood was almost entirely made up of people from Naples Italy.  My Dad loved Italian food and Mom learned to cook it from all the wonderful women in the neighborhood.  I think I was the only one in school whose last name did not end in a vowel. I was probably 10 before I realized the not everyone was Italian and Catholic! 

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Ciao Pittsburgh Mentioned in New National Geographic Book

Our founder and publisher, Jack De Leonibus and Ciao Pittsburgh, was recently included in the “My Neighborhood” section of National Geographic’s Abroad at Home: The 600 Best International Travel Experiences in North America. The book offers readers a trip around the globe—without ever leaving North America. Abroad at Home provides in-depth travel guidance to help you feel international in your own backyard. Jack and his hometown neighborhood of Bloomfield was featured in the Pittsburgh portion of the book. Jack talked a little about his Italian heritage and one of his favorite Italian traditions, making homemade sausage. Check it out below!

Nat Geo



No Bake Nutella Cheesecake: Just Two Ingredients in the Microwave!

Every dessert can be vastly improved when Nutella is added. This smooth, chocolately hazelnut goodness is every sweet tooth’s dream. Now, learn how to make the amazing No Bake Nutella Cheesecake — a decadent dessert that takes only moments to prepare, and no baking required! Here, cream cheese is combined with sugar and Nutella, then gently spread over a crushed cookie crust and chilled until set.  This rich, chocolate / hazelnut cheesecake will have everyone talking – give it a try!



Fusion Soup and Happy St. Pat’s Day!

By Fran Tunno

Ok, enough serious posts for a while. You’ll be pleased to know that I’m over my November Zucchini Funk. It lasted all the way into February, which is why I visited the therapist three weeks ago.

Nothing makes a person feel better than going in and whining for an hour non-stop to someone who listens, tells you your feelings are valid and hands you tissues.

Poor thing, she looked exhausted when I was done. I don’t know how therapists do it. I’d be leaping out of my chair ready to strangle people, which is why I did not choose psychiatry as a career path. But I’m really glad nicer, more patient people did.

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