7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Italy

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It takes more than one trip to appreciate Italy’s natural beauty, amazing cuisine, art, and flair. The velvety tiramisu, freshly baked pizzas with hot, melting cheese, and cool, creamy gelato are just a taste of what Venice has to offer. The city’s golden glow, reminiscent of an Instagram filter, along with the exquisite design of Roman stores and the sunlight filtering through olive trees, will leave a lasting impression that beckons you to return. These are but a handful of the numerous explanations for why people like Italy. 

The world’s beauty stands with its dazzling landscapes, appetizing dishes, fine arts, and ancient sights. Here the reasons are seven, if you haven’t been there yet, to put Italy on the wish list (some special places), and the flight search has already started. Also, keep in mind to apply for an Italy tourist visa.

1. Beautiful views of the surroundings

Every type of traveler and tourist may find something to enjoy in Italy. These are the four largest and most busy cities in Italy. Besides the amazing monuments and landmarks, you may get a piece of Italian culture and way of life. Moreover, you will discover contented, tiny medieval towns hidden in the countryside, each with a long history and beautiful landscape, and you can enjoy the peaceful, off-the-beaten-path experience away from the city’s noisy and sometimes chaotic side. Whether it is mountains, sea, or snow, you will build memories that will last forever!

2. Beautiful scenery, beaches, and weather

Similarly impressive, Italy has amazing towns and cities as well as captivating scenery and never-ceasing pleasant weather all year round. Considering the overwhelming diversity of the country’s terrains, such as forests, mountains, valleys, rocky and sandy beaches, and hills, everybody will find something for themselves. For the greatest beach experiences, head south to Sardinia, Sicily, and the renowned Amalfi Coast!

Pro-Tip: Visit the beach in mid-September rather than the midst of the summer. There won’t be as much oppressive heat, more affordable rates, and less crowds.

You can be up for any adventure; you can visit the stunning views and parks of the Apennines, or even hit the Alps in the north for some high-altitude hikes and walks.

Should you be going wild, you can always have one of the active volcanoes of Italy as your destination: Vesuvius, Stromboli, and Etna. The Abruzzo is where you can get a taste of raw nature. The national parks, scenic splendor, and conservation initiatives of this central area are well-known. With extreme luck, you could even get a glimpse of a wolf or bear in the distance!

3. Amicable individuals

Italians indeed have a reputation for being rowdy and easily agitated. They are frequently rather fervent about particular subjects and are quickly persuaded to get into an animated debate. Nevertheless, nothing can beat the sense of hospitality that you’ll find here – these people are the most open, friendly, and inviting to have as a company during your vacation. Many Italians are known for having big nationalism and they also pass that to the guests. Showing interest in the history, traditions, and culture of the area you are going to visit is the best way to get a warm greeting there.

Pro-Tip: Make sure that before you leave home you get to know the most useful Italian words and phrases.

 Although fluency is not required, it will facilitate conversation if you know some basic phrases such as salve (hello), Grazie (please), and per favore (please). The locals adore it as well!

4. Delightful Cuisine

You should visit Italy simply because Italian food is among the best in the world. The Italians have a lot of pride in their cuisine. This is a powerful force in sustaining their cultural identity. Each area is the vanguard of a particular kind of food, something that results from using local ingredients, rituals, and legacies. Pasta Amatriciana from Lazio, Polenta from Valle d’Aosta, Arancini from Sicily, and pizza from Campania are a few examples. You may savor mouthwatering meat and fish as well as fresh products directly from the farm thanks to the wide range available.

Pro-Tip: I just highlighted how important food is to Italian culture. Requests that significantly change the food should be avoided since they may lead to conflict with the locals. I think of pineapple on pizza and in chicken Alfredo.

Eat away from more touristic regions as well. These restaurants are frequently overpriced tourist traps with subpar food that does not accurately represent authentic Italian cuisine. For the greatest meals, seek for tiny, family-run restaurants!

5. Amazing Cultural & Historical Events

Throughout its countless years of history, Italy was home to some of the finest historical civilizations, including the Etruscans, Romans, and Arabs. Due to this plus the fact that Italy was not united until 1861, distinct customs, practices, and dialects that almost seem like separate languages have developed a rich regional cultural legacy. Throughout its countless years of history, Italy was home to some of the finest historical civilizations, including the Etruscans, Romans, and Arabs. Due to this plus the fact that Italy was not united until 1861, distinct customs, practices, and dialects that almost seem like separate languages have developed a rich regional cultural legacy. This implies that every location in the country is highly distinct from the others in terms of how it looks and feels, which adds to the enjoyment and satisfaction of traveling around the nation!

Pro-Tip: Find out about the specialties and customs of each area and schedule your visit accordingly. Two such events are the February Carnival in Venice and the January 6th Festa della Befana in Rome!

6. Memorable locations

Being the world’s most inhabited country, Italy is the home of countless astounding and unique outstanding sites that are recognized globally. This makes it a UNESCO World Heritage Site more than any other nation, which is only exceeded by China.

Pro-Tip: Arrange your travel in advance. Also, apply for the Italy visa a week before to avoid hassles. Since Italy is a large nation, you won’t be able to see everything when you come for the first time, so plan your itinerary carefully!

Also, if at all feasible, schedule your trips in advance. Often, especially during peak season, this will save you money and save having to stand in line for hours!

7. It won’t cost the earth

Even while Italy isn’t the most affordable country in Europe, well-planned trips there should be fairly inexpensive, particularly when it comes to lodging and dining out!

Both public transportation and tourist sites are quite reasonably priced. Overall, the money will be well spent for a fantastic.

Pro-Tip: The cost of living often decreases as you move further south. Just use caution when selecting your vacation season—prices tend to soar during the summer and the big holidays!


Italy beckons with the peculiarity of timelessness, wherein art and architecture, mouthwatering cuisine, and outstanding landscapes coexist. Discover the wonders of Rome, Florence, and Venice, where antiquity and Renaissance artwork together to take you on a time travel. Experience the best that your taste buds can offer! From pasta, pizza, and gelato to regional favorites. Italy awaits you from romantic Venetian to sun-kissed Amalfi Coast with a multitude of cultural, beauty, and culinary excursions that will be remembered forever.