Tortellini: ‘The Femme Fatale of Pasta’!

By Alberto Amore

The beginnings of the pasta variety known as tortellini are obscured through many legends and many villages who lay claim to the origins of the small naval shaped pasta also known by the Italian name for a belly-button, ‘obellico’.

A strong local tradition has it that this dish was born in Castelfranco Emilia (province of Modena). One night during a trip, Lucrezia Borgia stayed at an inn in the small town. During the night, the host became so captivated by Lucrezia’s beauty that he could not resist the urge to peek into her room through the keyhole. The bedroom was lit by only a few candles, and so he could barely see her navel. This pure and innocent vision was enough to send him into an ecstasy that inspired him to create the tortellini that night. Like many Italian stories, there are variants and some believe this to be absolute gospel while others perceive it to be little more than an urban myth.

Many knew Lucrezia, not as the victim, but as a femme fatale, who rather than being the preyed upon was the predator. Lucrezia was known to have a ring that carried poison. She was known to poison, murder and commit incest with those she preyed upon and was easily entertained due to her intoxicating good looks. [Read more…]

Healthy Italian Lifestyle: Food and Fitness in the Right Combination

Italians are some of the most active people on the entire globe. World health and fitness records show them as being very healthy irrespective of age. But, what is the secret behind such a lifestyle? Is it the food, exercise or a combination of both? Italians who use supplements from the injectable line claim that consistency in exercise and a proper diet make all the difference. This comment complements our research that the healthy lifestyle in Italy is all about food and fitness.

How Food Contributes to a Healthy Italian Lifestyle

Buying the right ingredients – any Italian shop or grocery store knows that stale food and vegetables have no place in Italy. They only stock fresh vegetables and dairy products, which make the best base for cooking. An Italian would rather spend more on ingredients for food than compromise quality. Such a mentality ensures that they receive all the nutrients.

Proper cooking techniques – any Italian restaurant in the world is a preferred hub due to the high-quality and delicious food they cook. The Italian cooking style preserves all the flavors and nutrients and makes food delicious without a doubt. In addition to encouraging one to eat, the food remains nutritious. [Read more…]

What Every Italian-American Business Owner Could Learn From the Pizza Milano Lawsuit

Every Italian in Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania at large knows about the now-notorious Pizza Milano attack. A heated exchange between a patron and the manager of the upscale Italian restaurant has now led to a $5 million lawsuit against the eatery, even though the manager has since been fired. As now is the best time to open your dream family-run Italian restaurant in Pittsburgh, it is important to learn a few lessons from the Pizza Milano case to avoid a similar outcome.

It could happen to anyone

While details of the case are still emerging with a lot of allegedlys and supposedlys still being thrown around, video footage depicts the situation as a manager losing his temper and using violence against a patron, after she tried to use the restroom. While the manager was fired after the incident, the restaurant has now been dealt a $5 million lawsuit on behalf of the patron for personal injury – and it doesn’t look too good for the pizzeria. And before you think to yourself ‘I would never let this happen,’ realize that’s what Pizza Milano’s owner would have most likely thought as well. So what can all of us budding Italian-American entrepreneurs with visions of opening our own Italian restaurant in the city we love, learn from this case? [Read more…]

Now is the Time to Bootstrap Your Italian Restaurant in Pittsburgh 

There is good news for budding entrepreneurs in Pittsburgh: for the past 10 years, the Midwestern city has been trending upwards in terms of growth. For Italians in Pittsburgh who are looking to invest in new business ventures, like opening the family-owned restaurant you’ve always dreamed about, this positive trend presents many exciting opportunities. In the technology sector alone, over $687 million dollars invested in Pittsburgh in 2017 by more than 250 venture capitalists from all over the world.

With a growing economy, there is no better time for Italians to capitalize on your positive qualities, like managing a family-owned restaurant or other culinary venture. All across America, Italian family traditions endure, with many famous restaurants serving the best Italian food for miles in nearly every state. Since there is no time like the present, now may be the perfect time in Pittsburgh to found an Italian food startup that can take advantage of the thriving economy and present growth opportunities in the city.

Seeking Out Investments and Funding 

The first step in starting any new business is to seek out a way to fund the venture. Luckily, the Italian community in Pittsburgh is tight knit, making it easier to ask people in your own personal network of family and friends if they would be willing to invest in your restaurant. If not, there is always the option of finding a preferred credit card that is specifically for business owners, making the payment process more streamlined. [Read more…]

Are Emotional Support Animals Allowed in Restaurants?

Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are pets that have been prescribed by a licensed psychotherapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. These animals play an important role in the lives of their owners. They provide emotional support that assists them through the trying times in life.

If you own an ESA, then you understand how critical they are to your mental and emotional well-being. Even though these animals provide an essential role in your life, there are some social situations where it may seem awkward to bring your ESA along with you.

Are you on your way out to your favorite restaurant? Dining out is one of life social pleasures that everyone enjoys. The bustle of a busy restaurant and the smell of freshly prepared food in the air excites the senses and tantalizes the taste buds.

This is a prime example of a situation where ESA owners don’t know if it’s socially acceptable to bring their furry friend along with them. Here is everything you need to know about taking your emotional support animal out with you for a meal. [Read more…]