A Closer Look at the Italian Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet enjoys a prestigious position across the globe, often named one of the world’s most healthy diets. Many people are confused as to why, however. Aren’t Mediterranean diets, especially Italian cuisine, rich in pasta, pizza, and other fatty and starchy foods? Turns out there is more than meets the eye (or tongue!) during an authentic Italian meal.

The Benefits of Choosing a Heart-Healthy Diet

The Mediterranean diet is often characterized as a “heart-healthy diet.” According to the American Heart Association, the Mediterranean diet follows its official dietary recommendations quite closely. For example, people on the Mediterranean diet eat a lot less saturated fat than those on typical American diets.

Killing about 610,000 Americans per year, heart disease is a leading cause of death in America. The good news is, healthy eating can prevent or delay heart disease, and it’s well within your control. Remember: heart disease isn’t just harmful to your physical health, it can be harmful to your mental as well as financial health! Affording heart disease treatment can be costly, so much so that some Americans now ship their drugs from licensed pharmacies abroad because international and Canadian mail order pharmacy are much cheaper.

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The Crucials in Wine Aeration

Wine is considered one of the noblest drinks and is usually reserved for special occasions. Wining in itself is seen to be more of an art rather than just having a drink. With this notion, you need to know there is more to wine than just opening the bottle and pouring a chilled drink.

When it comes to the art of winery and wining, many innovations are employed in order to make it taste better and make it exquisite. This is why we have the aging process that makes wine better.

Another move that is rarely pulled or rather unknown is the art or science of wine aerating. By the utterance of the word aeration, you immediately know it has something to do with air. Not far from it. Let us have a glance into wine aeration to know more about it.

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Why wine is considered the best over other alcoholic beverages?

Wine, the superb alcoholic beverage is made from the fermentation of the grape juice. There are so many debates on the issue that is there actually any differences between wine and beer and if it is then what is that. 

The differences between wine and alcohol

The differentiation of the two beautiful drinks lies in the fact that beer is prepared from brewed granules by fermentation, whereas, wine is purely a product of fruit juice.  Here we need to be clear about the fact is wine contains alcohol or not? 

There is no doubt about it that wine always contains alcohol and it is that alcohol which is universally accepted as the key component in all social gatherings. Its relaxant, the euphoric effect works as a social lubricant for those who want just a hangout or fun. Known by many names, this beverage is like a spirit. Whenever there is a social gathering or a party, we look for it. But here we shall find out the answer to this question that what is the difference between wine and alcohol?

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Italian Wines By The Numbers [Infographic]

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Italian Wines By The Region

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