Italian Cuisine Across Pennsylvania: What to Check Out?

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Pennsylvania earns its reputation for tasty Italian food. Whether you’re in Philadelphia or quaint Lancaster, plenty of flavors and jobs in Pennsylvania on Jooble are available. With classics and regional specialties, there’s something for everyone. It’s a great spot for foodies, where each restaurant adds its twist to old and new dishes.

Join us on a tasty adventure through Pennsylvania. Discover must-try dishes and delicious flavors!

Best Places in Pennsylvania To Try Italian Cuisines 

Pennsylvania offers top-notch Italian food, almost as good as in Italy itself! Whether in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, try classic dishes. These include creamy risottos, meaty Bolognese, and wood-fired pizzas. Each meal is like a journey through Italy. 

Here are the best Italian Cuisines In Pennsylvania. 


Philadelphia is a fantastic spot for Italian food fans. Tourists love the city’s culinary scene, full of tasty dishes, perfect for exploring.

Philly Cheesesteak

Although not of Italian heritage, Philadelphia makes this famous sandwich. It is an absolute necessity for every eater in the city.

Handmade Pasta

For real Italian pasta, go to Vetri Cucina or Le Virtù. Philadelphia is best known for multiple varieties of Italian pasta. From the basic meatball and spaghetti American version to light and fluffy gnocchi, you’ll find it all here. Philadelphia is one of the booming cities in the region and offers a lucrative job market for almost all professions, including various job opportunities with Italian.

Italian Hoagies

Try a traditional Italian hoagie from nearby delis like DiNic’s Roast Pork and Beef. It features cheese, cured meats, and fresh vegetables stuffed inside.


In recent years, Pittsburgh’s dining scene has changed a lot. Italian restaurants are now an essential part of the city’s food revival. Pittsburgh has many neighborhoods where visitors can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine.


Pittsburgh’s pierogies show the city’s Polish influence despite not being Italian. These dough pockets have delicious ingredients inside.

Neapolitan Pizza

Visit IronBorn Pizza for a delicious experience of Neapolitan-style pizza. Neapolitan Pizza is known for its chewy crust and use of fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Italian Pastries

Indulge in the appealing delights of Italian pastries. Cannoli and sfogliatelle available at La Gourmandine or Jean-Marc Chatellier’s. Both bakeries offer delicious pastries for you to enjoy.

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Lancaster is known for its countryside views, while Pittsburgh’s food scene is bustling with fantastic restaurants serving yummy dishes. Among them, Italian restaurants shine, offering farm-to-table food. While Lancaster has peaceful landscapes, Pittsburgh has a lively food scene. Both cities have unique qualities that draw visitors for different reasons.

Farm-to-Table Fare

You’ll enjoy yummy dishes made with premium-quality ingredients when you visit popular restaurants like Luca. Luca is well-known for its great food, always made with top-quality ingredients. You’ll enjoy checking out a varied menu of tasty meals made with the best ingredients. 

The menu varies with the seasons, so you can always find fresh fruits and vegetables. Whether you want some delicious pasta or a fresh salad, Luca has something for everyone to enjoy.

Italian Gelato

Treat yourself to Carmen & David’s Creamery’s artisanal gelato. It features flavors made from local ingredients and Italian favorites. Indulge in a delicious scoop of gelato that highlights regional ingredients.


Situated on the charming shores of Lake Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania. It is a haven for Italian cuisine enthusiasts and offers stunning water vistas. Enjoy a delightful dining experience by the water’s edge in Erie’s Italian scene. You can find everything from casual trattorias to high-end restaurants.

Lakeside Seafood Risotto

Experience the exquisite flavors of a seafood risotto. Enjoy the calm atmosphere of Lake Erie while tasting fresh, caught fish and shellfish.

Pierogi Pizza

Savor the mouthwatering tastes of a seafood risotto. Savor fresh fish and shellfish while enjoying the peaceful Lake Erie atmosphere.

Gelato by the Shore

Treat yourself to artisanal gelato from waterfront cafes like Beachside Gelato. It offers a refreshing selection of flavors inspired by Italian classics and local ingredients.


There is more to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, than historic sites. The city’s thriving food scene includes many Italian restaurants worth exploring. Gettysburg in Pennsylvania and the rich history of the Civil War surrounds it. 

Gettysburg’s Italian restaurants offer a variety of meals sure to meet any palate. Explore the diverse culinary offerings that cater to every taste. These restaurants range from modest bistros to fancy trattorias.

Civil War Carbonara

The Civil War Carbonara honors Gettysburg’s history by reinventing a classic Italian dish. It blends tradition with innovation to create a unique culinary experience. It offers a contemporary take on traditional flavors, blending heritage with innovation. This dish is served on creamy pasta and has either pancetta or bacon.

Battlefield Bruschetta

Begin your culinary journey with Battlefield Bruschetta. It has ripe tomatoes, basil, and garlic-infused olive oil on toasted bread. Savor the savory flavors as you embark on your adventure. Experience the delight of this appetizer before exploring more dishes.

Cannoli Conquests

Cannoli Conquests are Italian pastries filled with sweetened ricotta cheese and chocolate chips. They showcase the classic flavors and craftsmanship synonymous with Italian desserts. They are the perfect way to end your dinner on a sweet note.


Discover Italian delights in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Lancaster’s charming countryside. Pennsylvania’s diverse Italian cuisine satisfies every palate across its landscapes. Pennsylvania celebrates Italy’s flavors with traditional pasta and innovative dishes. When you are in Pennsylvania, savor the delicacies for an experience you won’t forget. Enjoy your meal!