4 Benefits of Brewing Coffee with a French Press

Avid Coffee Drinkers always discuss the benefits of drinking coffee daily. But do you know how you can get the most health benefits out of your coffee beans? Brew them with a French Press. 

If you are not convinced, following we are going to discuss the health benefits of drinking French Press Coffee. 

1. What Makes the French Press a Healthy Choice?

French Press coffee has the ideal amount of caffeine. Caffeine is important for various functions of your body. It lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart disease mortality. Increase consumption of coffee lowers the risk of neurological conditions. There is a strong correlation between caffeine consumption and cognitive decline as you age. 

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Espresso: Just Add Sugar

“La vita e gia amara. Almeno metti lo zucchero al caffe.” So says an old Italian friend from Abruzzo: “Life is bitter enough. At least put sugar in your coffee.”

For palates used to third-wave coffee in Sydney and Melbourne – with the emphasis on roasting light to bring out the fruity and acidic flavours of specialty-grade beans – bitter is certainly the word on a coffee pilgrimage to Italy, the spiritual home of espresso.

The roasts are darker, and the coffee sometimes a blend of arabica and robusta beans (especially in the south), with the resulting brews quite bitter, even in comparison to Italian-style roasts in Australia, which now use almost exclusively arabica beans.

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The Evolution of the Stove-Top Espresso Maker

Italians consume over 70 million cups of coffee per day in 200,000 coffee bars. In Italy, you’ll find a coffee bar in just about every city neighborhood and in every village. Coffee bars are known as a place to get together and discuss topics such as soccer and politics, play cards, and just people-watch.

Of all the types of coffee Italians drink, espresso is the most popular. While many will rely on a professional barrista to create the perfect cup, thanks to manufacturers like Bialetti, Italians and and many Italian-Americans can enjoy their own cup of espresso at home.

And did you know that the idea for the home-based, stove-top espresso maker actually came from a washing machine?

During the 1920s, Alfonso Bialetti, the owner of a small workshop manufacturing metal household goods, watched as women from his hometown in Crusinallo washed clothes in a sealed boiler with a small central pipe. This pipe would draw up the soapy water from the bottom of the boiler and spread it out over the laundry. Bialetti wondered if he could model an espresso-type of coffee maker after this very same concept.
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Ciao Pittsburgh Introduces “La Famiglia Blend”—100% Arabica Custom Espresso Blend

20130310_205253Love espresso?

Now you can enjoy Ciao Pittsburgh’s own, La Famiglia Blend. After months of taste testing different blends, we’ve had imported espresso and Sumatra beans blended to give that wonderful traditional premium Italian espresso shot that every espresso drinker loves.

This Columbian and Indonesian blend exhibits balance between aroma, acidity, and complexity while producing a smooth well rounded traditional premium espresso shot.

You’ll be able to purchase the espresso on our site beginning next week.

Email me at jack@ciaopittsburgh.com if you want to fill your orders now.

You can order ½ lb. and 1 lb. bags in either grounded for espresso or whole beans.

  • 1/2 lb. ground espresso: $8.00
  • 1/2 lb. whole bean espresso: $8.00
  • 1 lb. ground espresso: $14.00
  • 1 lb. whole bean espresso: $14.00
  • 1/2 lb. ground for drip coffee: $8.00
  • 1 lb. ground for drip coffee: $14.00

We’re very excited about this new venture and hope that you and your famiglia enjoys our espresso as much as my famiglia does. Grazie!

Blend Description

Sumatra: A bean from the Indonesian Islands produces a syrupy rich and smooth cup of café.

Espresso: The popular Italian roast is the strongest and darkest Colombian roasted to perfection to brew a unique cup of café.

Use: Stand alone, cappuccinos, and lattes.