Tips to Avoid Breakdowns in Summer

5 Tips for Keeping Your Truck from Breaking Down During the Summer

With summer here, it’s more important than ever for truckers to keep their rigs in good working order. The demand for distance travel is great during the warmer months of the year. Unusual wear and tear take its toll on many trailers which is why we can’t recommend the following tips for preventing a breakdown enough.

How Trucks Stay on the Road without Breaking Down

The more care a trucker puts into their rig during the summertime, the less likely they are to experience periods without work due to a disabled trailer. Five tips for avoiding breakdowns in summer are mentioned below. Each is something we know helps maintain the longevity of a truck for the long haul. Put them into practice and avoid costly and frustrating breakdowns in the future. [Read more…]

Top Four Accessible Landmarks in Italy

There are few experiences quite like visiting Italy. The unique ambience brings tourists back year on year, and the gorgeous landmarks are enjoyed by citizens and visitors alike. Italy does have a few characteristics that disabled travellers need to be aware of, however, with many of its villages and towns feature cobbled streets, for instance. It’s also common to find its town and villages perched atop steep hills to offer exquisite views.

With this in mind, preparation is key. We’ve teamed up with an Italian stairlift gathered up the most accessible-friendly landmarks in Italy to help you plan your trip!

The Rome Colosseum

A trip to Rome isn’t complete without seeing the famous Colosseum. Originally named the Flavian Amphitheatre, the Colosseum housed the infamously bloody battles between gladiators. The Colosseum’s creation built over Emperor Nero’s palace — a deliberate move by Emperor Vespesian in order to remove any association between him and the tyrannical previous emperor [Read more…]

Surprise Your Distant Brother With Fantastic Rakhi Gifts on Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi festival is always a remarkable day for brothers and sisters to show their deep affection in the sibling’s relationship. It is a grand celebration for all ages siblings for celebrating a pious bond of love and friendship. Many sweet and spicy moments keep them connected. The long distance can never be a barrier in this undying relationship of siblings. Raksha Bandhan is the day when they find time to celebrate their siblinghood. Sisters take the responsibility to mark the religious occasion of Rakhi festival. They start purchasing all the required items to follow the essential rituals and traditions. For their distant brothers, then have to buy rakhi online along with the gifts for expressing immense feelings from the heart. Sisters try to dedicate some appropriate items according to their brother’s choices. With Rakhi festival approaching, you must be searching for unique and meaningful gifts to express your selfless love for your brother.

Following are some unique Rakhi gift ideas to enchant your distant brother.

Heart-Shaped Plaque:

When it is time to amuse your distant brother, then you should go with a thoughtful gift for him. A wooden plaque engraved with a photo of your brother can be the right choice. You can also add a love message on the plate for your loving brother. It can be one of the exciting gifts for brother to bring a smile on his face. Make a pair of such digitally printed plaque to show how much you think about him. It would be a perfect Rakhi gift admired by your dear brother this Raksha Bandhan. [Read more…]

Medicare and Relocating to the USA

Relocating from one country to another is a major life decision that requires a lot of homework and careful preparations. A big deciding factor for many seniors looking to relocate to America is Medicare.

Medicare is a national health insurance program that is different from many other systems, which means education is crucial for understanding and navigating health insurance options for seniors in America. With that in mind, 65-year-old immigrants relocating to the USA will need to understand the rules and regulations for qualifying for Medicare benefits.

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a national health insurance program regulated by the American government. The system is designed to aid in medical expense coverage for seniors ages 65 and older in addition to those who are disabled. An American can claim Medicare benefits and coverage when they age into it at 65 or after they have received Social Security disability benefits for at least two years. [Read more…]

The Children of Mars

By ‘Don’ Alberto Macchione

Earlier this year Rome celebrated its 2,772nd Birthday. No country can claim a history greater than that of Italy however its mythology is equally if not more compelling.

The western world has a political consciousness derived from the myth (or reality) of Adam and Eve. Rome however, despite its physical and cultural relationship to  the Vatican, has its psyche firmly entrenched in the story Romulus and Remus, the siblings that, according to a grand mythology, founded the city of Rome.

Like all myths there are many versions, one of which was translated by Virgil in ‘The Aneid’. The mythology states that Mars, the god of War (Some believe that they are the children of Hercules), and llia, also known as Rhea Silvia, bore two sons called Romulus and Remus. The King of the county to which they were born feared the newborn children as a threat to his throne and put the children in a basket and floated them down the Tiber river where they were expected to perish.

The boys were met with good fortune when the then infants were discovered by a she-wolf who took the children into her care as if they were her own. They suckled on the wolves teets and the animal provided warmth, food and protection from other animals. [Read more…]