8 Not-to-miss Best Holiday Destination in Asia

Asia is a continent consisting of 48 countries, hundreds and thousands of islands, cultures, and quirky natural wonders. Deciding some places to go on a trip from 48 countries is a bit difficult, don’t you think so? No worries we are here to help you. How? We have shortlisted eight Best Holiday Destinations In Asia to go on a trip. Add these destinations in your check-list.

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Ten Perfect Ways to Enjoy Italy

Italy has a staggering amount to offer travelers…and residents. Romantic cities, timeless hill towns, snowy mountains, idyllic islands, vineyard-covered countryside, and a rivetingly beautiful coastline. Plus, outside the major cities, homes start at a mere $50,000—or less.

Expats in Italy say they love not only the art, culture, impressive architecture, world-renowned food, and easy access to the rest of Europe, but also the slower pace of life and the culture that prioritizes family and friends over work and to-do lists.

In fact, Italy has so much to offer that deciding what to do on an exploratory trip can be a challenge. The correspondents at International Living have put together a short list that goes beyond the usual sightseeing destination and shows off some of the enjoyable, affordable, and lesser-known qualities of this remarkable retirement destination.

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Venice: The Sights Beyond The Canals

Venice may be one of the most alluring cities in the world, but a lot of people who have it at the top of their travel bucket lists are focused almost wholly on the canals. This is fair enough, in a sense. The canals that crisscross this city are what make it so unique, and they lend a sort of otherworldly atmosphere to the city that no individual landmark or attraction can match. Even so, if you actually travel to Venice you’ll need a few more things on your to-do list than just seeing the canals and perhaps taking one of the famous gondola rides.

Ponte di Rialto

Ponte di Rialto is one of the most interesting bridges in Europe, if not the world. Spanning the Grand Canal of Venice, it was originally a smaller wooden structure for several centuries, before collapsing and being rebuilt as a beautiful stone structure in the 16th century. Supposedly the original was built in 1181, meaning the modern attraction – a sturdy bridge for pedestrians and a major tourist attraction – is nearly 900 years old. Ponte di Rialto is wonderful to see from the water if you’re out on a boat, but walking across it is also a cool experience.

St. Mark’s Basilica

The most famous building in Venice, St. Mark’s Basilica is even older than the original Ponte di Rialto, having been built in 1092. Just as a reference point for Western tourists, that’s five years after the death of William the Conqueror, whom we tend to think of as a fairly ancient figure. The Basilica is one of the best examples of authentic Byzantine architecture in Italy (or really all of Europe), and even if you’re not one to decipher an individual era of art or architecture it’s a stunning building to behold – more or less a museum in and of itself.


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Sanremo: An Unexpected Event Venue

Photo by Stefano Ferrario / CC0

The first stops for many visitors traveling through Italy tend to include Rome, Venice, Florence, or Milan. The Mediterranean town of Sanremo is likely overlooked — but it shouldn’t be. Sanremo is located in north-west Italy, in the region of Liguria. It is about 55 kilometers (34 miles) from Nice, France (near Cannes), and 174 kilometers (108 miles) from Genoa, Italy. It has a population of about 57,000.

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Florence – Between Art of the Past and Modern Fashion


Florence is the city which gives and gave examples of art and beauty. The masterpieces now attracting millions of tourists are the witnesses of the ideas and the glories of the past, which were materialized in the works that are today unique beauties without time.

Florence is still master of beauty, just like during the Renaissance. This feature is exhibited not only in the art of the past but also in more modern forms of expressions, such as fashion. The most important and appreciated fashion brands established themselves in the Tuscan capital.

The one who was born and still lives in Florence inherits a sense of beauty that comes from the environment around him every day, the presence of places and monuments are characterized by a very high sense of aesthetics and attention: details and proportions represent a kind of ongoing training for the residents in this city. While living in Florence people unknowingly acquire the aesthetic sensibility which is not to be found in almost any other place in the world.

Today as in the past these places have inspired artists of all kinds, an inspiration which is also manifested in the fashion in which Florence has a very important tradition in the modern era.

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