Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad in Italy Being a US Citizen

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What comes to mind first when you think about Italy? Gorgeous cities with ancient history, delicious cuisine with a variety of pizza, pasta, and other dishes… There are also amazing views on Mediterranean and Adriatic seas and, of course, a long-lasting tradition of hosting the world’s best educational institutions.

Italian schools are great. Some of them have been building their reputation since early medieval times when education was a privilege. 

Let’s remember such universities as the University of Bologna. A well-known Bologna system of student assessment adopted by many other European universities is its legacy. At the same time, modern private Italian universities are recognized as top ones, especially in such fields as design and fashion.

What’s more, students coming to Italy from abroad get a chance to travel across one of the most interesting countries in Europe. For those who, being in Italy, lack time to comply with all college assignments, there are plenty of platforms to order an essay online like

Thus, many U.S. students consider this opportunity and come to Italy for education, be it a year, semester, or only summer. However, such an adventure still has its pros and cons, which this article will examine in detail.

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Arguments for Going to Italy to Study

Cost of Living

Italy is not the most expensive country in Europe. In fact, if you bother planning your budget a bit, you will definitely say that the cost of living in this country is rather low. 

You can rent a home with a friend or get a place in the dorm that will cost you less than at any University in the States. What’s more, you can afford eating out delicious Italian food several times a week, leaving cooking your own pasta at home or take takeaway pizza for the rest of weekdays.


As a student, you will get insurance that will cover most of your medical needs. At the same time, the quality of healthcare in Italy is quite high, with many Europeans traveling to this country as medical tourists. 

The costs are less than in Germany or France. Public hospitals can be a bit crowded, but you will definitely receive the best care possible.

Other Aspects

Obviously, if, being a US citizen, you decide to go on such a long trip, you will see an opportunity for yourself in this adventure. Having an Italian diploma, you can easily find a job or work as a researcher at many universities.

Apart from that, it is easy for foreigners to open a local bank account and use their money whenever they need it. They can also buy an apartment for a reasonable price and with no difficulty in legal arrangements.

Arguments Against Going to Italy to Study

Long Leases

You cannot rent an apartment for a couple of months as you are used to in the US. In Italy, lease deals are usually signed for 18 months at least though there are other options as well. 

Still, some hosts may want to receive a three-year contract from you. That’s bad if you intend to come for a short period of time, like semester or summer only.


It is wrong to assume that all Italians know English. In fact, in Scandinavian or North European countries, the language barrier is felt less than in the South. 

You may face the need to learn some Italian to understand a seller in the shop or announcements at railway stations. However, this is a good reason to learn this wonderful language.

Dirty Streets

Many Americans who visit Italy admit its beauty but also claim that it has little to no street art culture. 

In megapolises, those streets that are far from the city centers are usually dirty or full of weird graffiti that can spoil your perception of Italian beauty. Also, if combined with rainy or windy weather in winter, the picture indeed looks sullen. 

However, different states in the US also have similar problems, so it is more about your expectations of the country.

Possible Issues with Employment

If you want to work while studying or decide to stay in Italy after graduation, it can be a bit challenging. The thing is that getting a work visa to work legally is really difficult in Italy, especially if you intend to be an entrepreneur. 

This process is time-consuming, and you do not know your chances before the final decision is made.

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Final Words

Evidently, Italy offers both pros and cons when it comes to education and living in the country. There are high-quality education and healthcare for relatively low or affordable prices. Yet, there are also issues with rent and employment. 

In any case, going abroad to study means new knowledge combined with many interesting connections and travel experiences. The main thing is to know more about the country before going there. Being prepared, you won’t get disappointed.