The Best Places to Travel for Thanksgiving

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Close your eyes for a moment and drift off to a place full of family, fellowship, and food. Dream about Thanksgiving and a long table full of food stacked so high you can’t see over it. The steaming dishes give off delicious aromas, drawing everyone ever closer with watering mouths wanting to eat.

The Norman Rockwell ideal of Thanksgiving is a wonderful sentiment, and there’s a place for it in the modern world. But maybe you don’t want to stick around for Thanksgiving and have to deal with all that jazz. Maybe you want to hop on a plane and travel to a faraway land where people will cook your meals and make your bed for you. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. Take a vacation this Thanksgiving and go somewhere you’ve never been. These are the best places to travel for Thanksgiving. Buy a ticket, go, and don’t apologize for it.


Panama City, Panama, has over four million residents, and it’s as modern a city as any. A quick trip outside the city reveals natural wonders you shouldn’t miss. Biodiversity abounds in the lush forests, which feature waterfalls and challenging hiking trails. Don’t forget the Panama Canal—it’s still a marvel of engineering. If you’re looking for adventure, the end of the year is the best time to visit for deep-sea marlin fishing on the Pacific side of the country.


Most countries track their gross domestic product (GDP), but Bhutan famously tracks their gross national happiness (GNH). Flanked by China and India, the Buddhist kingdom is high in the Himalayas. The capital is the third-highest capital city in the world in terms of elevation, and the country overall is one of the safest and most affordable countries to visit.


Tourism to Azerbaijan is increasing every year due to the relaxation of visa restrictions. The capital city of Baku is located on the Absheron Peninsula in the Caspian Sea. The country offers a lot to draw tourism: travelers can marvel at the mud volcanoes and visit the Walled City of Baku, where people have lived since the Paleolithic Period.


Wine-lovers need to put a visit to Hungary on their bucket lists. In the last two decades, Hungary has reclaimed its place as one of Europe’s most important wine-makers. The country has 22 wine regions, with the little town of Etyek emerging as the go-to spot. A few miles outside Budapest, Etyek draws acclaim from locals while still flying under the radar for tourists.