New Hair Balm from Italian Celebrity Hair Stylist Hits Salon Market

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Mikki More1 e1334661828114Debut of hair product with story of inspiration and unique ingredients blasting away severe hair damage

The Balm From Mikki More, the first hair shampoo and conditioner of its kind developed to restore elasticity and repair the hair shaft from the inside out, is launching nationwide at a variety of high-end salons throughout the tri-state area, and is also available on

The Balm was developed by Darian Braun, a New York area beauty industry veteran of more than 15 years who has brought the product to market thanks to inspiration from Italian Celebrity Stylist Mikki More, who used the same treatment to overcome struggles with her own hair it endured severe damage from an illness she contracted in Africa. The Balm is a patented blend containing Tahitian Coconut Oil that allows for direct penetration to the hair shaft. The product’s unique ingredients and blend make it ideal for every kind of hair.

Ms. More’s story of triumph in her battle against a devastating bacterial infection contracted in Africa caught Mr. Braun’s attention. Upon learning of Ms. More’s story and the deaths of her two traveling companions from the same illness, he knew that Ms. More’s hair and appearance were important to her and made restoring her hair his mission. After three years of trying many combinations of ingredients he found what he believed to be the answer. Mr. Braun flew to Italy to meet Ms. More and apply the new treatment to her hair. Using a regimen created for her, he nursed Ms. More’s severely damaged hair back to health. Mr. Braun was so inspired by Ms. More that he decided to name the company after her, of which she also serves as company partner and as the image for the entire product line. Fittingly named The Balm From Mikki More, this new hair product line is available in a rapidly growing number of salons across the New York Metropolitan and online.

“A few short months after getting to know Mikki, I informed her that because she was so inspiring we named the company after her. We also wanted her image and her beautiful hair to be the image of the company. There is nobody better to bring The Balm and its message to the marketplace,” said Mr. Braun, creator of The Balm.

With her cultural commitment to sensuality and beauty, Italian-born celebrity stylist Mikki More has responded to the age-old cry to bring back the luster, shine and manageability lost through years of color treatments and environmental hair abuse. The Balm smoothes out frizzy hair and brings back a natural texture to color-treated hair. Continuous use also protects against the elements and leaves you red carpet- or romantic interlude- ready in an instant.

Unlike other treatments before that only coat the cuticle, The Balm revitalizes hair’s natural body and curl and replenishes the essential proteins that restore color-treated, sun-damaged, frizzy hair to its youthful quality. The Balm is “color-blind” and is able to effectively treat multiethnic hair because of its ability to go straight to the source, not only the surface.

Mikki More products and more information can be found at Its suggested retail price is $22.00/8 fl. oz..