Personality Profile: Michael Manna

Every month, Ciao Pittsburgh will feature a different Italian-American from the Western Pennsylvania region. This month, we feature amateur boxer, Michael Manna.

Ciao Pittsburgh: Have you ever been to Italy? If yes, which city was your most memorable?

Michael: Yes. In Sicily Campofelice Di Rocella. It is where my family is from and is right on the beach.

Ciao Pittsburgh: Do you and your family keep up with any Italian traditions? If yes name a few.

Michael: Yes. Scopa – Italian card game. We watch Italian soccer every Sunday. We make Sopressata and wine every year.

Ciao Pittsburgh: When you hear the word Italy or Italian, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Michael: How people think we are suppose to act like the scum on Jersey Shore! To me I think of where I have come from and the example I should set for my kids.

Ciao Pittsburgh: What does being Italian mean to you?

Michael: It means that I have a proud heritage and am proud of my people.

Ciao Pittsburgh: What is your favorite Italian food or dish?

Michael: Martrigiana. It is famous in Rome and if it’s made right it is the best thing you will ever eat.

Ciao Pittsburgh: In Pittsburgh, where is your favorite place to eat?

Michael: Pizzaiolo in Mt. Lebanon. Everything is made right the way it is in Italy.

Ciao Pittsburgh: What do you love most about Pittsburgh?

Michael: Everything is convenient and a very livable city.

Ciao Pittsburgh: What is your occupation?

Michael: Laborer.

Ciao Pittsburgh: How or what made you choose your career?

Michael: I had no other options.

Ciao Pittsburgh: What do you do in your spare time?
Michael: I love boxing.

Ciao Pittsburgh: What is your favorite car?

Michael: Cadillac Deville..


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