How does alcohol affect your sexual life?

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Consuming alcohol to excess affects the sexual life of a person. Research has indicated that there is a reduction in the sexual responses in both males and females due to regular and prolonged intake of alcohol. Looking at men, it poses difficulties in achieving and also maintaining sustained erections and women might experience a reduction in lubrication or they may find difficulty in having orgasms or there is a reduction in its intensity. When a person drinks too much alcohol for an extended period of time then it might transform the temporary of the condition like brewer’s droop into a fully blown impotence as well. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to cut it back completely but the majority of the experts say that it is the moderation which is the key.  Many people mistakenly hold the notion that alcohol is actually an aphrodisiac but drinking too much alcohol over a period of time hampers the sexual drive.

Let’s find out how drinking alcohol affects the Sexual life of a person

Decrease libido

It is the libido which actually accounts for the sexual drive of a person. The regular and also excessive consumption of alcohol leads to a reduction in libido and hence lowers down the sexual drive. It also impacts the activity of the nervous system which serves as a catalyst during sexual activity. The drunken person might feel drowsy and end up having poor performance in bed. Too much intake of alcohol can also have a detrimental effect on the erectile functioning of man.

Alcohol inhibits orgasm

Alcohol has been found to reduce the natural lubrication of the vagina in females. In men, it enhances erection issues and also inhibits the orgasm. Drinking too much alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction and reduces the capability of man to orgasm and its intensity. This occurs due to the negative influence of alcohol on the nervous system which might take the orgasm off the table completely. Also more the drunk you are, sloppier and less coordinated you actually become.

 Impaired judgment

The consumption of alcohol impairs the judgemental ability of a person and alters the decision-making ability to get intimate with someone who is not appropriate thereby making him/her vulnerable to the unprotected sex. So, when there is a lack of clear consent with the partner, it also means that consuming alcohol and getting intimate increases the risk of misunderstanding and also accusations.

Complicates consent

This is another critically crucial influence of drinking too much alcohol. It complicates the consent to the intercourse as per the law. In fact, the person might be too impaired to actually remember what has actually happened. It might be possible that a drunken person didn’t want to get intimate but was too drunk to deny. These are the extremely dark implications of consuming alcohol that are required to be addressed.

 Raises risk of Infidelity

Although reduction in anxiety and inhibitions are undeniably amazing but drinking can also make us do things which we would not do in the normal condition. For some of the people, it means resorting to cheating their partners. Yes, alcohol increases the risk of infidelity. Drinking can raise some of the repressed emotions of a person to the surface. For example, when a person is not happy in a relationship, drinking might make him/her quite more inclined to such feelings. This means that the person begins to look for comfort in someone else in such kind of weak moments.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

This is one of the biggest risks when alcohol and sexual act are being combined. The research studies have illustrated that 50% of the unplanned sexual encounters occur due to drinking. Also, more than 55% of the STD transmission occurs when there is an involvement of alcohol. The youngsters who are into boozing are seven times more likely to indulge in unprotected sex.

Ruin relationships

Alcohol when consumed in higher amount is connected to various issues in intimate relationships which lead to high-end conflicts, infidelity, and the financial instability and also divorces. It has been found that this habit of alcohol consumption has already ruined several of the relationships. The first thing this substance does it impairing the ability of a person to make sound and sensible decisions. A completely loving and otherwise faithful partner may get into a relationship trouble just because the mind is not operating as it would have done normally.

Separation from reality and partner

Being inebriated at times works as a passive way not to be present with your partner. This may also result in not being able to understand the sexual and also emotional needs of the partner.


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The relaxing influence and feeling of goodness which comes through the consumption of alcohol has undeniably made it the most favorite drink of humans. Although some of the researches had confirmed that drinking alcohol in moderation is good for the functioning of heart and blood circulation but it is extremely crucial for you to know drinking alcohol and sex are the acts which need to be balanced delicately. In the nutshell, although alcohol is one of the eminent parts of the social system but when it comes to sexual performance, its negative influence seems to outweigh the positives.