The True Story Behind ‘The Viagra’ For Impotence

Viagra- little blue pill

The Viagra is the oral prescription drug used for treating erectile dysfunction in men. It is the most widely prescribed oral ED medication and contains an active ingredient Sildenafil. Well, it was dubbed as the little blue pill which has phosphodiesterase an inhibitor that has been approved for treating the condition of impotence. Today ED is quite a common sexual ailment in men. Roughly more than 30 million men in the US and 100 million in the whole world are suffering from this condition. A research study has found that 50% of men in between the age group of 40 to 70 years are facing some degree of erectile issues. The frequency of this issue increases with the growing age. This little blue pill has led the whole world to talk about sex.

Sudden discovery of Viagra

The discovery that sildenafil could help in overcoming erection issue was completely an unplanned event actually. Originally, this chemical compound was developed by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer for treating high blood pressure (hypertension) along with chest pain which occurs due to cardiac issues (angina pectoris). When heart clinical trials were actually performed, it was being found that this drug was found to be highly effective towards overcoming the erection problems than treating the chest pain. The Pfizer Company realized that this particular medication has the potential to meet an unmet medical requirement and tried to take the financial gain out of this. On March 27, 1998, the Viagra was being approved as the first Oral Medication for Impotence under the priority review by the FDA. The initial sales growth of this blue pill at the time of its launch touched to the sky-high $2 billion. At that time the Pfizer Company promoted this pill and awareness about this sexual dysfunction through the direct to consumer advertising. This encouraged many men to talk about it openly, seek medical advice and also a prescription for impotence from the health practitioners. [Read more…]

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Easy Baked Pot Brownies

Making Pot Brownies is an all-time favorite activity, and there are several recipes out there that may leave you with a bitter weed taste that takes over the whole “goody” taste and this tends to be a slight bummer for some. In this guide, we’ll go for fudge tasty chocolatey brownies with great cannabis effects.

The Basics and Dont’s of Making Pot Brownies

First, a major and common mistake for novice cannabis cookers is they blend the marijuana directly with the butter or oil without decarboxylating it first. This is important since its what really gives power to your buds when using them in edibles.

Keep in mind the amount of cannabis that will be used in relation to the butter and oil as this does make a great difference in the experience. 

If you’re making your own pot brownie recipe, note that the recommended amount of cannabis in relation to butter would be 3.5 grams per stick (112 grams).

The science behind pot brownies is really uncomplicated, the psychoactive traits of marijuana are found in THC and CBD. These blend easily with lipids and more effectively so when it’s done at low temperatures. [Read more…]

Performance marketing platform

Performance marketing platform has become the treasure that the Internet marketing market proudly carries. Over the past years, many clever words have been said, new technologies and theoretical concepts have been introduced. Performance marketing software advertisers are completely confused: what if what they were doing before was not a “performance”? To understand the question, it is necessary to gather experts from the ecommerce marketing platform “for” and “against” camps, give them a microphone and make sure that the dialogue does not turn into a frank fight.

Let’s be honest with ourselves: today there is no single generally accepted understanding of the term ‘performance marketing’. Everyone puts his own concept into this thing: some – a general approach to organizing a marketing mix on the Internet, others – a transition from quantitative to qualitative indicators of efficiency, and others are confused with new features of auction advertising procurement using RTB and programmatic. Under current conditions, it is worthwhile to move from theory to practice. [Read more…]

Personal Recognizance Bail Bond – Three essential things to know

Not every person you see in jail is guilty of a crime! There are defendants inside the prison, who are innocent and a victim of a complicated crime scene. It is essential to prove these defendants accusation-free and out of jail. While a criminal attorney can set things correct at the court, you will need a bail bond company to get the defendant out of jail.

Bail bond companies provide you with several bail options that defendants can opt in for. One of the prominent bail bonds is the Personal Recognizance Bail Bond. To know more on this, you can check out Castle Bail Bondsman Ohio.

What is a Personal Recognizance Bail Bond?

It is also called a “PR” bond and is sanctioned by the judge, after reviewing the defendant’s legal case, his/her criminal history and the like. In the majority of instances, of PR bonds, the defendant is not a threat to society at large. The judge determines this through all the reviews and checks, before approving the bail. A PR bond is applicable for students, employers, community leaders, group leaders, and the like who are involved in some community development project as well.

Do you know what the significant benefit of a PR bail bond? The court judge decides the bail capital amount. The bonded party doesn’t need to pay a single dollar but must be a part of all the court appearances. It is important to realize that if a person doesn’t manage the PR bond, he/she might have to pay the total bail amount. Chances are he/she will also get arrested later. [Read more…]

An Apartment Near Me: Importance Of Moving Into One When Relocating


Are you planning of moving out? Moving into a new home may be exciting. However, with the excitement, come numerous setbacks. You face the challenge of fitting into the new neighborhood, which may not be a walk in the park.

Here is a sneak peek of the importance of moving into an apartment near you when relocating.

1. Maintain Distance to Local Amenities

When relocating to a far locality, locating where to do your regular shopping may be tiresome. You have to battle with the challenge of asking around for directions, and high transport charges when you don’t own a private car. Even with your means of transportation, you still have to make frequent journeys to your old location’s amenities, such as when dropping off your kids to their old school.

Similarly, being unfamiliar with the roads in the new locations means you will be within the bounds of possibly using long routes. Travelling using long ways is likely to increase commuting costs, which you would have used the money to do other things. Unless it’s indispensable relocating into a new city, such as when you are being transferred from your current work station, opting to find an apartment near you may come in handy.

You will get the chance to continue enjoying your old local amenities such as the church and health faculties. Nonetheless, your kids wouldn’t have to make long journeys to school, or be forced to change them to nearby schools. [Read more…]