Find the Best Pittsburgh Vape Shop With These 6 Tips

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In a state in which nearly one in five people smoke, e-cigarettes are sorely needed – and vape shops have sprung up everywhere in Pennsylvania to meet that need. In the Pittsburgh area alone, there are already something like three dozen vape shops – and more are popping up all the time. That’s great news for you. You have no shortage of choices if you’re looking for the best Pittsburgh vape shop. There’s plenty of competition, and every vape shop owner knows that if his or her store doesn’t give you top-notch prices and service, you can always go somewhere else. There aren’t many cities in the world that give vapers the level of choice we enjoy here.

Let’s suppose, though, that you haven’t fully explored the wide world of Pittsburgh vape shops yet. We’ve got you covered! If you want to identify the best vape shop in Pittsburgh for your needs, these are the qualities that you’ll find at the very best vapor stores.

Clean and Well Organized

If you don’t want to enter a vape shop because the shopping environment doesn’t make you feel comfortable, nothing else matters. Whether you’re a college student or a senior citizen, the best Pittsburgh vape shops should make you feel right at home from the moment you first enter. It’s a must for any good vape shop to have a safe parking lot, good lighting and a clean environment. To keep products out of the hands of minors, regulations require vape shops to keep products containing nicotine under glass or behind the counter. Those requirements mean that vape shops often have less display space than they’d like. A good vape shop should have an organizational system that makes it easy for you to browse products and see what’s available.

TIP: If you don’t see what you want when visiting a vape shop, don’t be afraid to ask. Limited display space often forces vape shops to store certain items – such as coils for obscure tanks – away from the main display areas.

Freedom to Browse

When you visit a vape shop, you’ll often do so without knowing what you actually want to buy. You enter the shop planning to make your decision based on what they have in stock. Pushy salespeople can seriously hamper your ability to browse a vape shop’s selection and see what they have. When people hover over you, the only thing that you really want to do is get out as soon as you can. It’s a fine line between being helpful and making customers feel uncomfortable. The best vape shops know the difference.

A Personal Touch

The best retail stores do an excellent job of striking a balance between showing attentiveness and being overbearing. The same is true of vape shops. While you should never have to deal with sales pressure when you browse for vape gear, good vape shop owners and cashiers know how to ask a few well-placed questions that can help them get to know you and learn about what you like. Taste is a very personal thing, and good vape shop personnel can help you save money on e-liquid by guiding you toward products that you’re certain to like.

Vapor proprietor Bradley Anderson says, “I’ve always strived to make Vapor Connection LLC the best Pittsburgh vape shop. No two people are in exactly the same place in their vaping journey, and I think that taking the time to get to know their preferences is a major part of why so many of my customers come back.”

Willingness to Fulfill Requests

Do you use a vape tank that isn’t common? Would you buy a certain e-liquid brand locally if your favorite vape shop stocked it? The owners of your local vape shops know that you can always save money by buying your vape gear online. Buying gear locally, though, means that you’re supporting a local business while avoiding a lengthy wait for shipping. Also, if you know that you can always find a certain favorite product locally, you’ll probably buy other products there as well. The best Pittsburgh vape shops will listen to your requests and fulfill them whenever possible.

TIP: If you’re not sure what products your local vape shop can stock, ask for a list. Many local vape shops order their products from distributors with large inventories of e-liquid, devices, tanks, coils and more. Ask the owner of your favorite vape shop for a product list. 

Great Shopping Experience

You don’t just buy your vaping gear locally to avoid long shipping times. You also do it because you want to enjoy a shopping experience that’s better than what you would get from a website that earns its money from high sales volume and doesn’t care about retaining your business. Part of a having a great shopping experience comes from the things we mentioned above – good lighting, a clean layout and friendly, knowledgeable staff – and part of it comes from the little extra things that so many vape shops neglect to do. Does your local vape shop go the extra mile in constantly keeping the shelves stocked with interesting new e-liquid brands? Does the vape shop have a generous reward program that gives you significant discounts for your continued business? Those are the sure signs of a vape shop that deserves your patronage.

Online Sales

It isn’t a requirement for a great local vape shop to have an online store, but it’s definitely a good thing if you can find one. If your favorite Pittsburgh shop offers online sales, you can place your orders at night when the shop’s brick-and-mortar location is closed. Ordering online from a local vape shop also means that shipping will be extremely quick. Mail delivery within the same town often takes just a day, and some stores let you order products online for local pickup the next business day. An online store may even allow you to accrue reward points for use in the brick-and-mortar vape shop.

A word of caution – although vaping is completely safe under certain circumstances, there are still cases of explosion from e-cigarette and batteries. In case of an accident, it is important to seek immediate medical attention no matter how minor the injury is. A vape injury attorney will help you with getting compensation for any damages caused by the injury.