9 Tips for Prioritizing Health While You Travel

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The public has become hyper-aware of germs over the last two years. Therefore, many who travel frequently for business take more precautions.

No one wants to get sick during corporate travel. Every trip has a purpose, and it’s important to accomplish it. Successful business professionals can overcome getting sick on the road but it’s not easy.

We outline nine tips for prioritizing health while you travel.

1. Assess Your Health Before Takeoff

Before you head out on the road, assess the status of your health. If you already feel like you have a cold coming on, take care of it. 

When a person doesn’t feel their best, it reflects in their work. Productivity drops and they don’t maximize the purpose of the trip.

Therefore, ensure that you are up to the task. Also, incorporate preventive measures into your daily routine.

2. Take Your Vitamins

One preventive measure that keeps you healthy is consuming vitamins.

As individuals age, their body starts lacking vitamins. Even some children require an extra dose of daily supplements

When you travel, pack and consume vitamins such as daily, vitamin C, and zinc. This prioritizes your health, even when you hit the road. 

3. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is one of the most important activities a person participates in daily. Keep in mind that travel is a dehydrating activity, especially by air.

When you fly, you sit in higher altitudes for one to several hours. High pressure impacts the flow of oxygen in your body. Plus, low humidity levels cause moisture in your body to dry up more quickly.

Athletes and medical professionals recommend that the public drink half their body weight in ounces of water daily. Drink a little more during travel.

Moreover, the benefits of drinking water compile a long list that includes improved physical performance, better brain activity, fewer migraines, and better-looking skin.

4. Mind What You Eat

As exciting as traveling for business seems, it’s truly a disrupting activity. Some people have road warrior genes. Thus, they enjoy it and its inconsistencies.  

For successful trips and to prioritize your health, mind what you eat.

Some professionals see corporate trips as an opportunity to try something new and leave their diets at home. However, it can throw your health for a loop. 

Instead, enjoy meals that have the least amount of processing. Plus, skip the greasy fast food. You can enjoy pizza, pasta, and hearty sandwiches. Simply focus on finding the healthiest versions of each. 

The last thing you want is to experience food poisoning or an upset stomach on the road.  

5. Wash Your Hands

The shock of the lockdowns has worn off for many individuals. However, good hygiene habits shouldn’t wear off with it. 

Washing your hands prioritizes your health. The practice washes off COVID germs but it also washes off germs that could cause diarrhea, the common cold, and flu.

Some studies estimate that the public touches their faces up to 16 times in one hour. Those are several opportunities to get sick while traveling.

Hotel Engine provides more tips for healthy travel here.

6. Fit in Physical Activity

It’s no secret that Americans weigh more in 2022 than they did a decade ago. Lack of daily physical activity is one reason why Americans have gained more weight.

Prioritizing your health means fitting in a 30-minute session of walking, weightlifting, or yoga daily even when you travel. 

In addition, exercise releases endorphins and reduces stress. Business professionals who exercise daily often succeed at a higher level.

7. Get Enough Sleep

As you sleep, your body recharges. It gets rid of the dark circles under your eyes, rests your brain, and allows oxygen to travel throughout your body more efficiently.

It’s obvious when a person lacks sleep. They get cranky and look haggard. Moreover, they become prone to getting sick.

8. Reduce Stress

Stress is part of the business world. However, prioritizing your health requires you to manage it.

The same tactics that keep you healthy also help reduce stress. A good night’s rest, eating well, and staying hydrated are multitasking strategies worth employing on the road.

9. Remain on Your Routine

Remaining on your routine during travel poses a challenge. However, remain as close to it as possible. When you return home, you’re less likely to feel drained.


Making good choices helps business travelers prioritize their health. Stay close to your daily routine, hydrate, sleep and mind what you eat. The goal is to maintain a solid immune system that can fight off germs and illnesses.