Top 5 Hiring Mistakes To Avoid This Year

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By Eric Reyes

Not hiring the right talent has a negative effect on productivity and morale. The best way to avoid making these mistakes is to have a proper pre-hire assessment in place. Agri Talent will help you get better insight into whether or not a candidate is truly qualified for the job before you invest time and resources into hiring them.

The following list of top 5 hiring mistakes provides some insight into the mistakes employers commonly make when it comes to hiring.

Not clearly defining job requirements

One of the most crucial steps that should be taken before looking for candidates is having a clear understanding of what experience, knowledge, and skills are required by this job opening. A person’s past work history will give you an insight into what kind of person they were and will give you a picture of the skills and knowledge level that person possessed.

Failure to do this happens when employers rush through the hiring process, or simply assume that applicants have enough experience and expertise. If you hire someone without clearly defining job requirements, it is easy for them to take on more than they can handle and you will end up frustrated not only with them but yourself as well.

Not conducting proper research about the company and job

It is common for people to apply for jobs that they think they are a good fit for, only to find out later on that the job isn’t really what they expected it to be. Before applying for a position, always check the company’s website to find out more about their business. Don’t just stop at the company’s name and location, but also pay attention to what they do and what kind of working environment you will be entering if you get hired there.

Not taking the time to write a compelling job posting

Your job postings should not only attract the candidates you want but also represent your company and brand well. A poorly written job posting can signal that you don’t care enough about attracting the right talent.

A great way to create a good job posting is by having open communication with your employees and letting them know what does and doesn’t work for your company’s culture and customers.

Even if you already have a job description written, take the time to review and edit it before publishing it online and sharing it on social media networks.

Not Asking the right questions during the interview

Questions that are too general or too obvious can be unproductive during an interview. For example, asking where do you see yourself in 5 years is kind of a waste of time. You can simply ask them what type of career path or industry are they interested in working for instead.

Is the candidate asking you the right questions? Likely, they are not doing their research on your company before attending the interview which means that it’s okay to ask some general questions to see how interested they are in working for your company.

Not making sure the candidate receives clear direction

Performing well during an interview is not enough to prove that a candidate is qualified for the job. They should also receive clear directions so they don’t waste valuable time and effort trying to figure out what you expect from them during their first day on the job.

For example, if you didn’t clearly define what work needed to be done and instead asked the candidate to figure it out themselves, this would lead to a poor end product and frustration among both employees and customers. If your team encounters an issue like this, they will lose their trust in management and that’s something that is very hard to get back.

An interviewee should receive clear direction on what they are expected to do, how their work will be evaluated, and if there is anything that they should avoid doing while performing the tasks. If you don’t provide your employees with clear guidelines, it can lead to miscommunication or mistakes by not having the same perspective towards the same project.

If you are not aware of these common mistakes, then they can greatly impact your company’s hiring process. By being more mindful during the interview stage, you will have a better chance of finding someone truly qualified for the job that you need to fill.

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