What Are the Popular Sports to Wager on in Pennsylvania?

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Pennsylvanians can enjoy betting on any sport they like. But they can only do so if their choice of bets is reputable and regulated by a trusted regulatory body. The gambling market and the legal sportsbook in PA can offer various betting proposals in the different niches:

  • Athletic events like NHL, NFL, etc.
  • Collegiate athletic events
  • Motor race events like the NASCAR Cup Series Ally 400
  • Athletic events for the International teams and international individuals
  • Any kind of sports event that is recognized or approved by the regulatory body

Therefore, it’s safe to say that Pennsylvanian sportsbooks offer a variety of betting opportunities for almost every imaginable sport. That being said, the most popular betting options include:

NFL Betting

It is by far the most popular sports betting option in PA. That being said, it’s really not surprising that last year in February 2021, the PA bettors put a total amount of $54 million on Super Bowl LV. The love for sports, the need for new forms of entertainment, and the passion for watching sports are all significantly contributing to the increase in popularity of sports betting in the country.

NBA Betting

NBA betting offers different and numerous options to choose from, including point spreads and totals (over/under), which are the most common and the most frequently used types of bets in NBA betting. Be it head-to-head games, top players in the league, or in-game wagering- you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Pre-game money lines, spreads and under/over totals, futures bets, in-game NBA lines, will also make great choices.

MLB Betting

Sometimes, bettors find baseball to be quite a slow sport, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is still one of the top sports they choose to bet on. Here, you can bet on runs and hits/specific innings/at-bats, as well as enjoy some moneyline bets, which many bettors seem to enjoy. 

NHL Betting

When it comes to betting on NHL, you have popular money lines, totals, spread bets or puck lines, and various other things to bet on. These can also include teams, player props, and futures bets.

College Sports Betting

Various PA-based college teams play on national levels and create options for people to wager on college football, March Madness and other major sporting events and competitions, either online or offline.