The Best Winter Activities To Enjoy on Trips

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There are many great activities for you to do in the winter. You can have fun and widen your experience with them! If you’re thinking about taking some time off, you should consider taking a trip centered around such exciting activities.

There are so many possibilities, so let’s get started exploring some of the best winter activities to enjoy on trips.

Ice Skating

No matter your age, you’ll love learning to ice skate. To get the most out of this experience, you can go to an outdoor rink where you can feel like a professional skater. These are generally quite expansive, and many have beautifully surrounding views as well. And don’t worry about procuring skates; you can rent them at the rink or borrow some from a friend.


You can snowshoe with just about any age group, and this activity is perfect for beginners since you aren’t moving around at a fast pace. If you have some cross-country skis or snowshoes, that’s even better! This winter sport has become increasingly popular recently because it’s easy to pick up and lets you explore some beautiful places.


This activity is fun if you enjoy the thrill of moving around quickly in the snow. When you book the excursion, make sure that it is with an experienced company that will keep you safe while you drive around.


Who doesn’t love this winter activity? This is another activity that a whole family can enjoy. Each person can slide down a snowy slope individually, or more than one person can go together. You can use a simple plastic sled or inner tube or get something fancier.

Ice Fishing

This outdoor activity is another great sport that can provide a unique experience. It’s fitting if you like outdoorsy activities in general. You can develop a pretty practical skill while enjoying yourself. Head to the frozen lake with friends or family members and catch some fish in the hole you have drilled.

Building a Snowman

Another winter activity to enjoy on trips is building a snowman. This classic activity is enjoyable for everyone, and you can do it alongside other winter activities on your trip! Have fun creating one of winter’s most beloved emblems with family and friends! You might even split off to see what kinds of creations each person can create.


Skiing is a fun and adventurous sport for a group to enjoy together. Skiing is a tremendous winter activity that you can spend time getting better at over time! You can look up various skiing spots and challenge yourself as you improve. Many resorts offer short beginner classes for those who have never skied before or need a refresher. An example of a great place to ski in is the Poconos.

Dog Sledding

For a truly unique experience, you can try dog sledding through the woods. This activity is great if you love animals and want to do something that’s fast paced. Have fun doing one of winter’s most iconic events!