Things to Look For When Navigating the CBD Edible Marketplace

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CBD is everywhere right now, and practically everyone is on the CBD bandwagon. According to a Gallup survey, 14% of American adults use various CBD products. CBD’s popularity has skyrocketed since it became federally legal after passing the 2018 farm bill.

Lots of people use CBD for various reasons. According to a United Kingdom study done in 2021, of all the current CBD users, 37% take it for stress, 43% take it for anxiety, 37% take it for general well-being, and another 43%take it for sleep disorders. CBD and its forms have a place in society thanks to its various roles.

One of the popular forms of CBD is edibles. Edibles are foodstuffs that are infused with a certain amount of CBD. If you’ve been curious about CBD edibles, in this article, we will go over everything about edibles and how to navigate the overwhelming CBD edible marketplace carefully.

What Are CBD Edibles?

As stated before, CBD edibles are a type of Cannabidiol-infused food that you can eat. You don’t need to combust them to activate the chemical compounds, and they won’t leave a lingering smell after using them.

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There are three types of CBD edibles:

Full-Spectrum Edibles

These edibles contain a range of compounds in the hemp plant— even THC, apart from CBD. With full-spectrum CBD edibles, you want to ensure that the THC is less than 0.3%, especially if you are in a state where it’s not legal yet.

Broad-spectrum Edibles

Broad-spectrum edibles are essentially the same as full-spectrum, but without any trace of THC whatsoever. If you’re concerned about THC metabolites, these edibles are perfect. It’s also less potent than full-spectrum CBD edibles.

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CBD Isolate Edibles

Isolate edibles contain 99.9 % of pure CBD. There are no additional cannabinoids, terpenes, or compounds.

Types of CBD Edibles

For the longest time, the top CBD edible were gummies. Now, some of the sought-after edibles include chocolates, coffee, tea, and sometimes beer! They are still the most popular go-to edible, but the competition is a bit stiffer.

CBD Gummies

Practically all CBD vendors stock and sell these CBD candies. Gummies are jelly that comes in several colors and fruit flavors. You can try CBD+CBDa raw oil, and worldwide are sweetened by either sugar, stevia, or other sweeteners (natural or artificial). CBD gummies are straightforward and usually have a great taste.

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CBD Chocolates

CBD-infused chocolates are considered a luxury item. It’s a chocolate bar infused with CBD. Apart from the usual milk chocolate bar options, there’s also orange, white, and decadent Belgian chocolate. Just like gummies, it’s easy to keep track of the CBD amount you consume.

One thing to note, however, CBD chocolates are costly. You may pay at least $150 for 1,000mg of CBD, which is less than half the price of gummies.


CBD-infused tea is a beverage that’s taking the edible marketplace by storm. According to enthusiasts, it has an array of benefits, and in many ways, adding CBD to tea seems natural. Some additional herbs you’ll find CBD tea in are ginger, peppermint, and other herbs that make the concoction tasty and beneficial.

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CBD Coffee

CBD-infused coffee is a treat now found in many cafes around the globe. When done correctly, CBD adds earthy tones to the coffee that don’t overpower the coffee notes. According to some reports, there’s a rise in the number of people who want to add CBD to their coffee orders from coffee shops.

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What to Look For When Navigating the Edible Marketplace


Trust comes from transparency. You want to buy from a CBD edible brand that is open with the process and stands behind its products. Ensure that the edibles have third-party laboratory results before purchase. Ideally, the test date should be within 18 months. 

Stay away from brands that make outrageous claims about their CBD edibles. These companies are disobeying the FDA rules and maybe after short-term monetary gain from unsuspecting and unknowing buyers.

Where It’s Made

You must check where the edibles are made and where the hemp is grown. You can go with hemp from the U.S or U.K., as it’s usually subjected to strict quality control and growing standards. 

Anywhere other than that is not advisable as they may not have such rigorous guidelines. Overseas hemp may be subject to heavy metals and harsh pesticides, detrimental to human health, and may end up in your CBD.

Customer Service 

Many consumers are new to CBD edibles, so having access to quality customer service via chat, email or phone is a must.


If you are unfamiliar with the world of CBD edibles, you’re missing out. CBD edibles are a fantastic way to take your Cannabidiol dose of the day. Yes, other methods of CBD use, such as topicals, vapes, and tinctures, have their merits, but none can compare to edible when it comes to taste and convenience. 

Once you taste a piece of the luxurious Belgian chocolate with CBD or a fruity gummy, there is no going back. Your hardest challenge will often be mustering the will to stop at just one gummy or piece of chocolate.