The Best Types of Energy-Boosting Tea

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If you’re looking for a tea that supplies you with a boost of energy along with the usual, delightful tastes and aromas that all teas should have, then you’re in the right place. Let’s go through some of the best types of energy-boosting tea so you can quickly find the perfect flavor for you.

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is essentially tea’s answer to coffee. This is due to the high amount of caffeine it provides in each cup. It isn’t the same amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee, but it’s close. In fact, if you look in the ingredients of some energy drinks, you’ll probably find Yerba Mate there. This South American tea also shares the same bold flavor and aroma that comes with a cup of coffee. However, drinking Yerba Mate typically won’t leave you with the same jitters that drinking coffee does.

Black Tea

Black tea won’t provide you with the same amount of caffeine as Yerba Mate, but it is the most caffeinated out of a collection of teas known as “true teas,” which all come from a plant by the name of Camellia Sinensis. What you’ll find when perusing the loose-leaf black tea selection widely available on the market is that, although it has a reputation for its bold flavor, it can work well with a versatile range of ingredients. So if you want a tea that has a solid amount of caffeine but not quite as much as Yerba Mate does, black tea can provide it in a wide range of flavors, whether you enjoy citrus fruit like orange or you’re looking to indulge in a spicy masala chai.

Peppermint Tea

What’s so fascinating about peppermint tea is that it manages to be one of the best types of energy-boosting tea without containing any caffeine. As opposed to the previous two entries on this list, peppermint tea has a light, refreshing flavor. Some studies have suggested that the boost of energy you receive from drinking this tea is thanks to the peppermint oil it contains. If you want to curb caffeine but still want that extra pep in your step, peppermint tea is about to become your best friend.

To find out which energy-boosting tea is right for you, try out a handful of different kinds. There is certainly no shortage of healthy and delicious teas on the market. Once you find the tea that suits your taste buds, it’ll quickly become a part of your regular diet.