How to Shop for Glassware for Tequila

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If you plan to buy glassware and are a sucker for a good glass of tequila, you may be wondering which option will be best for you. It is no secret that there are many different types of glassware available, which could make it challenging to find the perfect option for your relaxation. 

Those who enjoy tequila know that not all tumblers are suitable for this select type of alcohol. And for those shopping for glassware, it is essential to get just the right kind of shot glass. You can find more here on the different drinking cups. While you can use any drinking cup for your alcohol, the real shooters know tequilas are best enjoyed in a unique holder. And you can learn how to shop just the right kind below. 

Best Glasses for Tequila

Most people usually buy a cup that suits their drinking style, so there is no universally accepted tumbler for tequilas. But it is vital to select one that provides you with the best experience. Another thing is that glassware are often affordable, so you could own a variety of glasses for different occasions. When in the market for options that are best suited for Mexican style tequila, you want to note the following. 

  1. Handling 

You should be able to hold your drink without feeling any added weight at the wrist or elbows. So you want to consider the weight and shape. Depending on your drink style, you could go for a tulip-shaped tumbler if you enjoy romancing your tumbler’s bottom. You may want to avoid the ones with a tail as while they may be suitable for wines, they don’t shoot nice with tequila (from personal experience). 

The shot tumbler is the right choice if you want something that can fit into your grasp without much gaps in your fingers. They also help you with the measurements and ensure you don’t shoot more than you should. Shot tumblers are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes, so there is a better chance of finding the best one for the right shot. 

  1. Anti-Bacterial 
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If you aren’t already aware, your drinking cup could be putting you at risk of bacterial infection. When shopping for the best glassware for tequila, you should go for options that help guard against bacterial infection. They should be free from lead, nickel, and other additives that may be toxic when they react with alcohol. So it would help if you kept an eye out for safety details about the brand before you buy it. You would need to wash your cups before use, but still, you want them to be able to resist dirt and stains. 

  1. Durable

While they have to fit perfectly into your grasps, they also have to be sturdy for when they drop down hard on the bar. It may be okay to use Copital style (wine) glasses to pour your drink, but there is a reason why the bartender chooses the shot glass for tequilas. 

You can go for handcrafted or engine blown brands, but you want to ensure they are made from quality tapered glass. They have to be shatter and scratch-resistant, so they don’t get damaged easily. 

  1. Dishwasher Safe

If you are the social type and host a gathering of friends now and then, you surely want glassware that is dishwasher safe. This will save you time spent washing after each party. It may be okay to overlook this if you are only looking to buy a few, but some of the best options are safe to use in a machine. 

  1. Consider Recycled Option 

Looking for a way to help the environment, you may want to consider recycled glass when shopping for tequila options. While they are no different than the freshly baked ones, they save the financial and human resources used in tumbler production. They are more on this website about how you can help the environment. 

  1. Price 

You should also consider how much it will cost you to acquire new tequila glassware. You may not have to spend much for a pack, but you don’t want to choose cheap over quality. 

Final Note 

It’s left to you to choose the best glassware for tequila, but you should get something that makes you enjoy each drink. They don’t cost much, and you could have options for your relaxation.