Marketers should learn from celebrities how to dominate Instagram

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Celebrities indeed project themselves glamorously when it comes to Instagram. Celebs have the edge over companies because they are a known face on social media. There are many things that marketers can learn from celebrities regarding the use of digital marketing channels. It is quite evident that stars do have a stake on Instagram. As a result of which celebrities have become a multi-hyphenate business atom running various brands and enterprises. Celebrity is a mega influencer who promotes different brands and helps you establish your name in your respective industry.

There are various reasons as to why celebrities dominate Instagram.

Good at creating Internet humor 

Creating humor on the Internet might appear easy, but it is not that effortless. Many brands have understood that Internet humor is essential to promote their brands. Many funny celebrities know the kind of tone and dialogue delivery that is necessary to attract the target audience. Celebrities do understand that the timing of humor also matters. There are many funny videos uploaded by celebs on Instagram that have millions of likes and comments. More Number of followers means more brand awareness. It helps establish your brand miraculously; therefore, you may buy Instagram followers and likes for a better brand image.

Celebrities use catchy captions

Like humor works on social media, similarly, caption plays a vital role in creating memorable punch lines on Instagram. You can use captions in various contexts, even to add hype around something. Sometimes the celebs use captions to include a prompt to attract the attention of the user. Many celebrities have mastered the art of Instagram caption. You cannot imagine posting pictures without suitable captions. You have to add catchy captions to be able to grab eyeballs. You can even fish through the caption checklist of Instagram to find out tasty hashtags and appropriate captions. Many celebrities have garnered a lot of Instagram followers by posting unique content with strange captions. Marketers can learn this tactic to garner support and followers on this interface. 

Good at making video blogs

Indeed some celebrities are very good at making videos. Some stars know how to act without a camera. It is a unique talent that helps them to post video blogs on Instagram. The presentation of videos on healthy living becomes very captivating for users. Many brands make use of the opportunity to create indirect marketing channels. Celebrities can make videos on diverse topics to cater to a specific audience. However, the kind of videos celebrities post usually screams out their personality. They sometimes even explain their journey through story highlights. It is a very different way of attracting users, helping to establish a personal bond with them. Marketers can also target customer prospects by employing this marketing strategy on Instagram. 

Making behind-the-scene videos

It is quite evident that audiences love to look at what is happening behind the curtain. Backstage drama highly interests users. Celebrities have the necessary skill to present this backstage drama in a way that it can entice the audience. Celebs know how to engage the audience, thereby garnering support. Even putting up videos and pictures about their daily life in an unfiltered manner helps celebs gain popularity among the followers. People love to have a glimpse into the life of celebrities. Thus posting your day to day life on Instagram can help your followers derive entertainment out of it. Even marketers can use this tactic to promote their brand through Instagram. Entrepreneurs can upload videos on tour to their factories or also put up online workshops to garner support.

Visuals are of supreme importance

Instagram is a platform that is all about visuals. Thus it is essential that whatever you upload is fresh and unique. Celebrities know how to put up the best face forward enticing Instagram audience. The face-forward feed of various stars helps them to leap thousand to million followers. Celebs do not just click best selfies; they instead click pictures that help people to connect. Instagram is not only about good looks, but it is more about unfiltered raw content. People like visuals which must be appealing to the eyes, but it must be realistic 

Celebrities have excellent engagement skills

Instagram has emerged as a platform where people can connect with celebs. Some celebs reply to their fans. Responding to the fans’ posts and comments encourage the followers and help establish a healthy bond with the user. Returning engagement has become an excellent tactic to connect with followers on Instagram. Users love to follow those accounts where celebs respond to user activity.

It has become a trend with celebrities who are using Instagram to make announcements about product launches. It generates excitement among the users grabbing millions of eyeballs. Marketers should learn from celebs on Instagram how to drum up anticipation through various countdowns and teasers. Preparation countdown has become very useful in generating awareness about launches and garnering popularity about a product. Thus only those can survive in the market now who knows how to use the strong visual aesthetic on Instagram.

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