Cannabis as a treatment for lupus

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Lupus is a disease that makes the body fight itself. The immune system attacks the tissue and the organs, resulting in massive inflammation. For this reason, Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease. There are various medical treatments available, though they’re quite inefficient and have side-effects. However, many people have started to use cannabis as a form of treatment for Lupus such as at Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona. What we do know is that cannabis doesn’t leave you with long-term side-effects.

This medical condition manifests mainly through the inflammation on the surface of the skin. If using cannabis can alleviate these symptoms, then the Lupus won’t be as terrifying to live with for countless people. However, we should see whether cannabis alleviates the symptoms and how it does that. From what we’ve seen, fortune smiles upon us, since cannabis does appear to be a valuable asset against Lupus.

How does Lupus impact the body?

Lupus is particularly hard to identify, though there are a few millions of known cases around the world. This autoimmune disease may be caused by long-term exposure to sunlight, specific infections, or even medication. We know that the disease is transmitted genetically, though. Moreover, a cure doesn’t exist, only treatments that partially succeed in treating its symptoms.

The reason why Lupus is so hard to diagnose is that its symptoms aren’t unique. It shares symptoms with countless other medical conditions. Though, a combination of the following symptoms raises the probability that it’s Lupus:

  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Chest pain
  • Dry eyes
  • Shortness of breath
  • Joint pain
  • Stiffness
  • Skin redness or lesions that may worsen with exposure to sunlight
  • A large rash on the face in the form of a butterfly, just above the nose bridge

If diagnosed early, the illness can be kept under control and your life isn’t in any danger. However, if you ignore the symptoms and the illness is diagnosed later on, it may be too late to stop its advance. It may even lead to cognitive disabilities if you leave it unchecked. The only way to avoid this is to start treating it early on. However, the classical medication has undesirable side-effects. Cannabis is all we’ve got!

How does cannabis improve Lupus symptoms?

The number one symptom of Lupus is the inflammation which, coincidentally, is one of the conditions most often associated with cannabis benefits. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is starting to make headway in terms of research and scientific studies. A study in 2016 discovered the influence of cannabis on the CB2 receptors, specifically related to the inflammation response. These CB2 receptors are located on immune tissue in the ECS, which is why the study authors believe that they could treat inflammation.

Another 2016 study shows the beneficial influence of THC on the body by suppressing the proinflammatory protein interleukin-2. The same can be said here, that the CB2 receptors play an important part in the immunosuppressive activity. This isn’t just hearsay or make-believe. The ECS has been proven to influence many biological functions, including the immune system’s response to certain stimuli. If the ECS is stimulated in a certain way, it might suppress the immune responses.

One of the ways you can use cannabis to treat Lupus is by incorporating it into a healthy diet, combining it with exercising and lots of sleep. It’s important to know how much cannabis to consume, so you don’t end up overdoing it. To reference, it’s important to look at the chart discussing appropriate dosage before purchasing cannabis. You might want to try cannabis edibles if you think smoking isn’t for you. Alternatively, you can pinch a few cannabis leaves and ground it into a salad or a fruity juice. We recommend choosing the Chinese gastronomy in treating your Lupus, because of its known anti-inflammatory substances. Try adding turmeric, ginger, lemongrass, or red pepper together with cannabis, and you might see some benefits yet!

One more thing – CBD might also be extremely beneficial for alleviating the inflammation associated with Lupus. A study found out that CBD had anti-inflammatory properties, and the study authors say that CBD might become the basis for an anti-inflammatory medicine eventually. That’s how much potential it has. We do know that CBD doesn’t have any adverse effects.

Therefore, you might as well get yourself a bottle of CBD oil or an ointment. Cover your inflammation and see where it leads you. If the CBD appears to work, then you can try combining it with cannabis edibles and all the other foods we talked about earlier. It’s always good to prevent an illness and avoid having to deal with its symptoms, rather than enduring it silently. Lupus isn’t easy to live with, but cannabis might save you!