It’s Bath Time: Signs Your Dog Needs a Bath

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Have you noticed that your furry friend is no longer sitting right next to you while you are watching TV? Instead, they are scratching their body up against the carpet in hopes of finally reaching that unfortunate itch. Open your schedule because it’s bath time. We have several signs your dog needs a bath below.

It is important to remember when caring for your dog that while baths can be helpful in the scenarios below, you should not bathe your dog too much, as this can cause additional issues for your pet.

They Just Can’t Reach That Itch

Just as we stated above, when your dog gets an itch, you will know. Not only will they be sprawled all over your carpet itching, but they won’t be able to stop. Do what you can as their owner to control the itch. The best course of action to remedy this situation is usually a bath.

Nobody’s Likes a Mud Mess

Did it rain last night? If your dog is tracking in mud from the backyard, unfortunately, it’s time to clean not only your pet but also your home. Nobody likes a mess. Quickly clean up those floors and clean up your pet. Grab some dog shampoo and a towel and get that bath started.

Dandruff Is Present

Have you noticed that your dog is suffering from dandruff? The best course of action is to get that pup in the bath! Not only is there special shampoo available to help with dandruff, but the bath will allow you to remove the flakes from their fur coat more easily.

No matter the cause for the bath, a clean pup is a healthy pup. Even if bath time is not your pet’s favorite activity, and they try to fight you at every opportunity, bathing your pup regularly solves a multitude of problems and issues that could arise. Keep the bath supplies at hand so you can groom your pet at home. Additionally, always keep an eye on your pet and look for signs your dog needs a bath.