Your First Romantic Trip. Best Advice

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When starting a romantic relationship, there are many firsts. First kiss, first meeting the family – and first getaway as a couple. Whether your aim at first was to meet Jewish singles or not, you’re dating someone now. And when you’re ready to make that vacation leap, consider the following tips to have the best trip both will remember.

Make It Short and Sweet

While your love for your partner is true, it doesn’t mean one should go overboard – even when you’re interracial dating. Vacation time can be exciting, but the idea can get old real fast when there is little to no space. This isn’t to say you should never take weeklong trips together. Just don’t make it the first-ever trip that long.

Instead, make it for a weekend or a few days during the weekday. It’s easier to plan and arrange with work as well.

On top of that, there are loads you can do in a few days. Consider an all-inclusive resort where they include plenty of attractions in one convenient spot.

Be Creative

A walk on the beach during sunrise or sunset is romantic. But also super cliché. If you want to make it exciting, consider switching it up a little bit. Instead of walking along the beach, why not rent a kayak or bike and travel around that area that way?

How about planning a candlelight room service dinner?

Or maybe learn a new hobby?

Spa day at home?

Even the most simple changes can be memorable. As such, there isn’t a huge need to do something over the top to make it memorable. Anything that pushes the comfort zone of one another counts.

Talk about Money

Money is a sore spot for many people. However, it’s especially worrying between couples. Before going on vacation, make sure that there has been a conversation about money.

Everything from who is covering what to how much each person can spend.

Having clear boundaries can help in avoiding those uncomfortable money moments. This is key because money means different things to people. It’s the decision on whether to buy someone or not in some cases.

Skip Being Together All the Time

Yes, you love your partner. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend every waking moment together. As mentioned above, being constantly together can be straining. Much like back home, having breathing room can help.

This isn’t to say you need to be away from each other all day. No. Instead, consider having at least one activity that you don’t do together. Whether it’s a massage or browsing around shops, having this space helps. Plus, it’s a good dinner conversation.

Be Willing to Adjust

This last point is more along the lines of the last point: you need to be flexible and willing to adjust. And I’m not just talking about willing to try a new food or new experiences.

What if your flight leaves late? Or maybe you couldn’t book the right flight or go to the desired spot?

What if you get there and the weather is absolutely terrible?

Being able to adjust and make the most of the trip is key. Sure it can be frustrating and stressful at the moment, but being able to roll with the punches is smarter. It helps you to make the most out of the trip together and that’s what counts.

Plus, looking back at the experience, you’ll no doubt laugh at the whole experience.

Keep these tips in mind and you will have a more memorable trip that you’ll talk about for years.