Tips for Wrapping an Oversized Present This Holiday Season

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Have you ever had to wrap a gift that was so large that it seemed near impossible? Wrapping an oversized present this holiday season does not have to get complicated. Skip the headache by using our tips and one of our methods below to wrap the larger items you bought this year.

Method 1: Double Up on Wrapping Paper

What happens when the length of your wrapping paper is not wide enough to cover an entire present? When you have an oversized item, such as a dollhouse, in a big box, you may need to double up on your wrapping paper to ensure the entire package gets covered. We recommend wrapping one half of the box first and then layering the other half with the same paper—you will have a seam in the middle, but it’s better than a half-wrapped present, and you can cover the seam with ribbon.

Method 2: Try an Oversized Bag or Sack

One of the trickiest oversized presents you may need to wrap this holiday season could be a bike. It’s challenging to wrap them because they are oddly shaped and nearly impossible to make look nice. An oversized sack or bag works wonders in concealing the bike; it hides the shape, so your child will have no idea what it is on Christmas morning.

Method 3: When in Doubt, Use a Blanket

This isn’t the most charming way to wrap a gift, but when all else fails and you don’t have enough time, it’s OK to throw a blanket over it. We recommend attempting the other methods first, but sometimes you run out of paper on Christmas Eve and must improvise. Choose a blanket that matches the rest of your wrapping paper—you could even add a bow on top for some added festive style.

Add Embellishments

If you want to look like a professional gift wrapper, try avoiding a few common gift wrap mistakes, like leaving a present plain without bows or name tags. Plus, these small embellishments can help make any gift look more presentable. Perhaps you don’t have enough paper to cover a box completely; adding a few ribbons and bows can help cover up the places on the box you couldn’t conceal.

Take Your Time & Use Tape

It can be frustrating when you’re wrapping something that doesn’t have straight lines, like a guitar. Don’t lose your patience if the paper tears or something punctures it. Slow down, take your time, and use a lot of tape to reinforce the seams and edges of the wrap job.

Oversized presents can be challenging to wrap, but with a few tips, it won’t be as frustrating. Remember, you have other options to choose from when one method fails. Either way, your child or the gift recipient will love the item all the same.