The Healthiest Types of Wine in 2021

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Organic wines are the healthiest types of wine in 2021. However, you should be wary of wine brands advertising themselves as “organic” because the lack of regulation in the wine industry allows anyone to claim that label. This article describes the importance of drinking organic wine instead of mainstream wines and reviews the best organic wine brand on the market — Cameron Diaz’s Avaline Wine.

Organic Wine — the healthiest TYPE of wine in 2021.

Simply put, organic wine is made of organically-grown grapes. The vineyard where the grapes grow must follow certain practices to avoid chemicals, pesticides, etc. Organic wines shouldn’t be processed with animal byproducts, such as egg whites, fish bladders, and animal enzymes. They should also avoid pesticides, colorings, and other superfluous components.

Mainstream wines use all of the aforementioned components for three primary reasons:

  • Chemicals and preservatives increase the wine’s shelf-life.
  • The colorings and artificial flavors make the wine more attractive to consumers. Mega Purple, for example, dyes your tongue a deep red when you drink red wine.
  • And certain chemicals are used to ward off attacks from insects and pests.

However, organic wines use natural means of increasing the wine’s shelf-life and warding off infestations. They introduce certain insects in the vineyards to kill harmful pests and insects. And some vineyards use sheep to kill all the harmful insects and weeds, producing the same results as chemicals but without altering the grapes’ organic growth.

As such, organic wines are the healthiest types of wine in 2021.

Avaline — the healthiest organic wine in 2021.

The market is full of wine brands calling their wines “organic.” That doesn’t mean they’re truly organic or natural wines. The wine industry is shockingly unregulated — wine brands can essentially slap the “organic” label on any wine without added sulfites; that’s the only requirement for organic wine brands in the US. They can continue using other chemicals and animal byproducts, but they can also claim they’re “organic” if they do the bare minimum of avoiding sulfites.

When Cameron Diaz learned about how unregulated the wine industry is, she was shocked. She believes in healthy living and is incredibly cautious about what she puts into her body. As such, when she learned that most wine brands, including “organic” wine brands, use tons of chemicals, she decided to create her own line of healthy and organic wine. To that end, she toured around the vineyards in Europe to learn about ethical and organic wine practices.

She used all her knowledge to create her own brand of organic wine — Avaline Wine. Furthermore, Avaline truly lives up to the “organic” label — it’s free from unnecessary chemicals, pesticides, additives, sulfites, colorings, and animal enzymes. Each Avaline Wine bottle comes with a clear label with a list of ingredients in large fonts — you can go through the ingredients to ensure the wine is truly organic. This also ensures complete transparency.

Avaline is well and truly organic, making it the healthiest wine in 2021. You can get your customized bottles of Avaline from the online store or from select vendors.