The Crucials in Wine Aeration

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Wine is considered one of the noblest drinks and is usually reserved for special occasions. Wining in itself is seen to be more of an art rather than just having a drink. With this notion, you need to know there is more to wine than just opening the bottle and pouring a chilled drink.

When it comes to the art of winery and wining, many innovations are employed in order to make it taste better and make it exquisite. This is why we have the aging process that makes wine better.

Another move that is rarely pulled or rather unknown is the art or science of wine aerating. By the utterance of the word aeration, you immediately know it has something to do with air. Not far from it. Let us have a glance into wine aeration to know more about it.

What Is Wine Aeration?

Wine aeration is where after you open your wine and pour it into your glass; you allow some air to get into contact with it. You can allow some 15 minutes for the oxygen to touch your wine for a fuller and enhanced taste.

The Logic?

You already know that if wine stays for long deep in the cellar it becomes finer. The more the age of the wine the finer it is and the smoother it feels when you put your wine glass to your mouth.

As Ema Richards puts it, aeration allows the wine to breathe. In this vein, aeration mimics the aging process of the wine by allowing some oxygen to circulate in your wine and reacting with the tannins. 

This enhances its taste ad it feels more like aged wine, only that the wine is still young. This is just like replicating the aging process of a 10-year-old wine in a mere 10-15 minutes. This will furnish you with a smooth and delicious wine for your dessert or kill off a lazy afternoon.

How to Aerate Your Wine

There are many ways in which you can aerate your wine to make it taste better. Some of the simple ways you can achieve this are as follows.

  • Use A Blender

Pour your wine into a blender and let it swirl on pulse for up to 30 seconds. The swirling motion allows oxygen to aerate the wine and soften the tannins present for a fine taste.

  • Use The Wine Aerator

If you want a faster approach to wine aeration, then the wine aerator is at your disposal for this. You simply fit it onto the top of your wine bottle. When you pour your wine into your glass, the aerator introduces air bubbles into the wine mimicking the aging process in a matter of seconds. Then you have your fine aerated wine.

You can also use two pitchers for aeration where you pour the wine into one pitcher. You then repeatedly pour the wine from one pitcher to the other for a short while and voila, you have your smooth wine.


If you love your wine, smooth aged wine is it at your disposal, go for wine aeration. This helps in smoothening up the tannins in your wine, giving you a tasty glass of chilled wine.