Picking the Right Appliance for Juicing Carrots and Beets

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A lot of sensitization on eating healthy foods is taking place. Vegetable And fruit juices are some of the healthy drinks that people are encouraged to include in their diet. However, the preparation of these foods is not easy, especially if you do not have any help. Juicers have become instrumental appliances in the kitchen for the preparation of these healthy foods. Carrots and beets are some of the popular vegetables in the juicing world. To get the best out of them, you should invest in a good juicer. Here are tips that will help you get the right appliance for this job.

1. Choose a juicer that can handle carrots and beets

It is important to note that not all juicers are the same. There are different types from masticating, centrifugal and others. Their effectiveness in juicing different fruits differ. A masticating juicer, for instance, would be ideal for carrots and beets: it does high yield juicing of hard vegetables. While choosing the juicer to go home with, it is essential first to confirm its capabilities to avoid disappointment. 

2. Speed

The speed of the juicing also varies. Masticating juicers are slower compared to centrifugal ones. If you are looking to have a juicer that will allow you to prepare a quick glass of fresh juice before going to work in the morning, the centrifugal option will be ideal. However, if you have some extra time on you, you can go for the masticating one. As much as it is not fast, it helps in the preservation of nutrients. This is due to the slow speed, which leads to the limited production of heat. With this, the vegetable juice is not oxidized, leading to a more nutritious result. 

3. Ease of cleaning

Some juicers have inbuilt pulp ejectors while others don’t. If you are working with a juicer that doesn’t have this feature, you will have to stop the juicer to remove the pulp before you proceed. If you find this inconveniencing, consider looking for a juicer that has a pulp ejector. Also, some juicers can be cleaned by a dishwasher, while others cannot. This is also something worth looking into. An easy-to-clean dishwasher is always a good option.

4. The price

In most instances, the price will give you a hint of the performance of a juicer. A pricey juicer will probably have more features; however, do not make assumptions; it is always good to confirm. Before you go shopping, have a budget. This will guide you in getting value for your money. It does not always mean that an expensive juicer will perform better than the less pricey one. Always compare the features and capabilities of the juicer and compare them with the price tag. 

You cannot blind shop for a juicer, lest you will be disappointed. The critical point to note is that juicers are different. Focus on a juicer that will be able to work on your carrots and beets. Also, ensure that the quality is excellent.