Morning and Evening Together: Coffee-flavored Cocktails

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Many people rely on two beverages to start and finish their workday. Rising from bed in the morning, still groggy, they head to their coffee maker or perhaps stop by one of their favorite coffee shops on the way to work. The infusion of caffeine becomes essential to waking up to a new day. The taste is enjoyable too.

Tired and a bit wound up, many enjoy a nice cocktail to transition from work mode to relaxation. It can be soothing and, like the coffee, the taste of a nice drink adds to the pleasure. Coffee and cocktails are considered essential by many. Wouldn’t it be great to combine them into one incredible beverage? You can. Combining coffee and alcohol dates back over 100 years and today, there are many delicious coffee-flavored cocktails from which to choose. 

Espresso Martini

The martini is a delicious and classic cocktail that has spawned many tasty variations, including several that include coffee. An excellent one to try is the Absolut recipe with espresso. The espresso martini was invented in London in 1983. A British model visited the bar owned by Dick Bradsell, looking haggard. She requested that he make her something to wake her up and get her drunk. Using vodka, Kahlua and espresso, Bradsell created a new cocktail that he garnished with three coffee beans. The drink caught on and today is one of the most popular martini variations.

Irish Coffee

A classic pairing of coffee and a cocktail, the Irish Coffee originated in Ireland in the 1950s when passengers disembarking at Shannon airport were served coffee with whiskey added. A reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, Stanton Delaplane tried the beverage at Shannon and brought it to the U.S. 

Sugar and Irish whiskey are added to black coffee to create this tasty drink. Cream is then poured over the back of a spoon and mixed in. Irish coffee and its variants have become popular cocktails throughout the world.

Dublin Iced Coffee

Yet another Irish coffee-flavored cocktail is the Dublin Iced Coffee. A cold beverage contains equal parts strong coffee and a good stout, such as Guinness. Irish whiskey, simple syrup, and heavy cream mixed in for a tasty drink that can cool you off on a hot day. A little beer, a little whiskey, a little caffeine, and a little something sweet. What’s not to like about iced coffees?


For those whose tastes run to Italian spirits, there’s the Siciliano. Italian sweet vermouth combines with amaro for its base. A strong cold-brew coffee gives it the caffeine kick and simple syrup a little sweetness. Top it off with a little club soda for fizz and garnish with an orange wheel and you’ve got a delicious coffee-flavored cocktail.

Shoeless Joe

Looking for a non-alcoholic coffee drink? The Shoeless Joe may be for you. This sweet coffee cocktail uses cherry simple syrup along with cola, club soda and a strong-brew coffee. Garnish with lime wedges and you’ve got an alcohol-free cocktail that puts the Shirley Temple to shame. 

Alive and Kicking

For an exotic coffee cocktail, try the Alive and Kicking. Along with strong-brew coffee, it uses amaro, fernet and Grand Marnier. It also contains a simple syrup made with demerara sugar and is garnished with an orange twist. It is a good drink for adventurous souls who love coffee.

Cocktails made using coffee have been around for a long time. New ones are created constantly and the combination of the two key ingredients of coffee and alcohol puts a smile on the face of many drinkers. From the espresso martini to the alive and kicking, there’s something for every coffee lover.