La Famiglia Blend

Introducing Ciao Pittsburgh’s 100% Arabica Custom Espresso Blend—“La Famiglia Blend”

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After months of taste testing different blends, we’ve had imported espresso and Sumatra beans blended to give that wonderful traditional premium Italian espresso shot that every espresso drinker loves.

This Columbian and Indonesian blend exhibits balance between aroma, acidity, and complexity while producing a smooth well rounded traditional premium espresso shot.

Blend Description

Sumatra: A bean from the Indonesian Islands produces a syrupy rich and smooth cup of café.
Espresso: The popular Italian roast is the strongest and darkest Colombian roasted to perfection to brew a unique cup of café.
Use: Stand alone, cappuccinos, and lattes.

Choose from our 1/2 lb. or 1 lb. espresso beans or espresso ground. We also offer a ground coffee blend for drip machines. We’re very excited about this new venture and hope that you and your famiglia enjoys our espresso as much as my famiglia does. Grazie!

Satisfied Customers

“My wife and I thought that the [espresso ground for drip coffee] had a much smoother and a better flavor than the Folger’s we’d been recently drinking. My favorite part of the coffee is the smell every time you open the bag—you just KNOW it’s going to be good!”  —Adam Comstock, G&S Signs

“Thanks for the coffee. It’s delicious and as they say in Italy—piu’ lo mandi giu’ e piu’ ti tira su. Thanks again. Ciao!”—Gaetano Frangione 

“Looks like we got some pretty good stuff here. I don’t have a problem with that!”—Joseph Fanala

“I enjoy how smooth and rich it tastes. I could tell after the first sip that it’s a quality brew. It doesn’t leave any unwanted after taste.”—Mary Fanala

“Just a note to let you know your coffee arrived in today’s mail. As I compose this short note, I am sipping on a freshly brewed cup.  I must say, it is exquisite in taste and I am enjoying it! Thanks for introducing me to this great blend. I do believe I’ll be back for more!”—Gene Mariani

Please note that we are only selling our Espresso at local events only at this time. 


If you are interested in the scopa espresso cup pictured above—or any other of our espresso cup sets, you can purchase them from our products page

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