Common Foods You May Not Be Storing Correctly

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If you’re like everyone else, you most likely place your groceries where your parents taught you to put them—in the refrigerator, pantry, or cupboard. But that doesn’t mean those methods are entirely correct. Let’s go over a few common foods you may not be storing correctly, so you can know how to keep your food fresher longer.

Oils Belong By the Stove

While it might be common practice for some to put their oils in the cupboard or somewhere similar, near the stove is actually where they should stay. You should never put oils in cabinets, especially over the stovetop, because they can leak without your knowledge. Place your cooking oils at a safe distance from the stove so they won’t potentially catch fire. Most oils have a high smoking point, and stovetops only heat up to a certain degree, so the risk of fire is relatively low. However, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Spices Are for the Spice Cabinet

While you can generally store spices in most spaces, they do have a place of their own. Most people either have spice racks or spice cabinets—and for a good reason. Spices are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and moisture, so they need proper preservation. They keep very well in spice cabinets as they are highly shelf-stable. There are so many spices that go into cooking you can get lost in them, so consider storing your spices in the spice cabinet for better organization.

Breads Are Best in the Fridge

Contrary to popular belief, bread isn’t as shelf-stable as people think. For years, the world has used bread boxes to store their loaves, but the problem with this is that it’s not truly storing or preserving the bread. It’s only allowing it to mold slowly. The idea is to keep bread away from light and oxygen so it will keep longer—and there is one element that provides both these things: a refrigerator. Not only does it stay dark when closed, but the cold temperature wicks away any moisture that might be on the bread, keeping it fresh for extended periods. This is also the best way to keep onions fresher for longer periods.

Plenty of other common foods you may not be storing correctly can go on this list, but these were the most common. We hope this post increases your awareness of proper food storage to help you keep your kitchen stocked.