Affordable and Capable Vehicles for Snowy Environments

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The weather can get quite nasty in the winter, so having affordable and capable vehicles for snowy environments is something Pittsburgh natives understand well. Read on to learn about the best cars for staying safe—and having fun!—this winter season.

Sedans: Nissan Altima SV AWD & Toyota Camry LE AWD (2022)

When you picture a vehicle capable of driving through rugged conditions, you probably imagine a large SUV. However, there are plenty of highly affordable sedans that perform adequately in the snow. The Nissan Altima SV AWD ($26,950) and Toyota Camry LE AWD ($26,795) are both great examples of practical daily drivers that don’t require much winterization. Plus, you can enjoy all of the standard sedan features, such as heated interiors, superior gas efficiency, and excellent passenger safety.

4×4 SUVs: Jeep Wrangler & Ford Bronco (2022)

If you’re in the market for a trulypowerful vehicle capable of handling the roughest of terrains, you must consider a 4×4 SUV. The Jeep Wrangler ($29,995) and Ford Bronco ($31,300) are both exceptionally affordable automobiles with superior off-roading capabilities. For example, the solid-axle suspension design, reinforced drivetrain, and short wheelbase of these designs provide adequate stability and performance on a multitude of surfaces. Also, you can always take these cars out for some off-roading fun! Just ensure you properly prepare your Jeep for winter weather before seasonal climate conditions become too extreme.

Utility: Hyundai Santa Cruz SEL (2022)

The Hyundai Santa Cruz is a surprisingly capably AWD pickup truck with the platform of a Tuscon SUV and the comforts of a daily driver. Not to mention, this truck looks flat-out incredible! With a sticker tag of $28,840, the Santa Cruz SEL is a highly valuable utility vehicle for snowy and challenging terrain. Additionally, the SEL upgrade provides cold climate comforts such as heated seats and remote start. More expensive models of the Santa Cruz feature more powerful LED headlights and rain-sensing technology, along with various exclusive trim options.

Ultimately, finding the perfect affordable and capable vehicles for snowy environments is a must when living in a colder region. Consider upgrading your current ride for one of these excellent options!