4 Steps To Take To Make Old Marble Look New Again

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Marble is a classic, classy, and durable material that lends both beauty and strength to your home. As tough as it is, it still requires occasional upkeep to ensure it lasts longer and looks good while doing it. When it’s time to clean, make sure the marble in your home is getting a little bit more TLC. Here are four steps to take to make old marble look new again.

What Can Hurt Marble

Let’s begin by exploring what can harm your marble. Because of its composition and porosity, marble can suffer from staining and damage when it encounters certain foods, drinks, and cleaners. Acids can cause serious damage, even when they come from something as innocuous as tomato sauce, wine, or fruit juice. If left to sit, these stains can dull the finish and are almost impossible to remove. Don’t use vinegar, bleach, or lemon juice to clean marble. It’ll look older and shabbier before long.

Cleaning and Polishing

When it comes time to clean marble, don’t follow the old wives’ tales and internet advice about using toothpaste or baking soda. A damp microfiber cloth or mop and a gentle cleaner like dish soap can work, but it’s better to buy a stone cleaner at the hardware store. Whatever you use, don’t let the soap sit and set for too long. Rinse it away with water and then immediately dry it off with another microfiber cloth. Remove any trace of soap, which can dull the surface. Some experts suggest a hydrogen peroxide solution to bring out the shine in your marble.

Seal It!

Once the marble is clean, it might be time to seal it. You should seal marble every six or so months, but consider asking the installer how often they suggest doing it. Clean off the marble and then use masking tape to protect surrounding walls and other surfaces that bump against the marble. You should generally use an applicator pad to apply the sealant to the marble. Let the sealant sit for around 30 minutes, dry it off with a terry cloth towel, then apply a second coat. After a short time, buff out the marble.


Here’s the last of our four steps to make old marble look new again: every two to three years, enlist an expert to refinish it. Refinishing marble is a complex process, and it’s not one you should leave to an amateur. The refinishers will sand down the surface and buff it out with a special polish. Afterward, they’ll seal the marble for further protection.

Marble refinishing isn’t inexpensive, but it’s worth the investment since it helps the marble look its best, thereby providing many more years of service and improving your home’s value.