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Live Cooking Demonstration with Nicky D Cooks

NDS cookiesBy Nicky D Cooks

I always get asked when I will be teaching or doing any cooking demos, because they really are my favorite things to do. Perhaps people like to come and see what I am doing. Maybe it has more to do with the fact that when I am doing these things, I am surrounded by food and I am usually handing out samples what I am making.

Either way, I love going out seeing people and talking about food. It truly makes happy! So I wanted to share this bit of good news with all of you, and invite you all to come see me do a live cooking demonstration.

DSC02627Please come and join me on Thursday, September 26, at the Food Shoppe. I will be making my famous pizzelle from 4-6pm and I will have plenty of fresh made pizzelle to share.

Ruggeri’s Food Shoppe will be celebrating its 5 year anniversary under current ownership with a new name and a fresh look. In order to show their customers just how much they appreciate them, the owners are hosting a party.

Who doesn’t love a good party? Food and fun times will be had at the Food Shoppe Anniversary Celebration, 5-7pm @ 5878 Northumberland St., 15217. Located in the Squirrel Hill section of the city of Pittsburgh.

Please come out and say hi, and stop in for a delicious pizzelle.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 1.01.55 PMFor more information about this please check out their website at

Nicky D Cooks: I am owner and operator of Nicky D Cooks—Authentic Handcrafted Italian Biscotti and Pizzelle. I can be found on my blog and webpage at Check out my Facebook page @ or like my fan page at for more information and great recipes.

Nicky D Cooks Authentic Italian Cookies Handcrafted Pizzelles

Nicky D Cooks Authentic Italian Cookies Handcrafted Pizzelle are now available in a variety of flavors at the Food Shoppe market in the Squirrel Hill section of the city of Pittsburgh.

Nicky D’s Pizzelle are all 100% handmade from scratch and packaged by hand. Flavors include Vanilla Bean, Chocolate and Anise. Specialty pizzelle include white and chocolate drizzle.  Nicky D’s pizzelle are perfect dessert for any occasion.

Nicky D Cooks is a female-owned wholesale business based in Pittsburgh. For wholesale and bulk orders only, please contact Nicky D at or at for details.







Check out Nicky Cooks on Cookspeak

biopicBy Nicky D Cooks

Please join me this Sunday October 12th at 11am. I am being interviewed by the host of the Cookspeak podcast series Tom Totin.  I will talk with Tom about food, cooking and the fun filled adventures that I had being raised in an Italian American family.

Tom Totin has been hosting the podcast series for about 6 ½ years. When he is not interviewing guests for his show, he works as a chef at Frescos in Wexford. He has worked in the culinary industry for 39 years. Tom has had a bevy of guests on his show some of which included; food writers, scientists, actors, columnists, and even a former astronaut. The home base for the podcast is the Pittsburgh Public Market.

You can listen to the interview by going to a few minutes before the interview. The Cookspeak icon will appear on the screen and you can then access the podcast. Or if you want to listen by phone, call the same number that you will call to access the show- 724-444-7444. If you miss the live broadcast, the archive of the podcast will be on this webpage as well.

For more information on Tom Totin and his podcast, check him out on twitter @cookspeaktom or on

Nicky D Cooks is the owner and operator of Nicky D Cooks Authentic Handcrafted Italian Biscotti and Pizzelle.

Follow her on Twitter @

Her website can be found at   

Also, check out her Facebook page @ for more information and great recipes.

Nicky D. Cooks Serves Up Old World Traditions and Great Food

Nicole Shadel (also known as Nicky D Cooks) wears many hats—mom, wife, domestic engineer, cooking instructor and foodie.

The Rhode Island native grew up in a typical Italian-American household. Yes, there were Catholic icons strewn throughout her house—but no statues on the front lawn! Every Sunday, her family had the big traditional Italian dinner which usually involved macaroni. You were never allowed to miss Sunday dinner, according to Nicole—it just didn’t happen in her family’s house. And yes, like most Italians, their family gatherings always involved food—multiple courses, and it was lively and loud. Nicole rolled meatballs with her mom on Saturdays, and helped make the sauce for the week. (By the way, she notes that they were raised to call it sauce, not gravy.)

During the holidays, most kids were outside playing. For Nicole, that was a different story. You could always find her in the kitchen helping her mom. Both of her parents worked full time when she was growing up, so Nicole and her brother had to help out. Eventually, she took over the holiday baking at an early age because her mom was working and her grandmother could no longer do it.  The bonus for her family is that she was good at it. She liked to bake and the desserts were good.

“Trust me when I tell you that I was never short on people offering to taste the biscotti and other Italian treats once they were done,” she says.

To say that her upbringing influenced her ideas about food, cooking and rules in the kitchen, oh it definitely did. To this day, Nicole still cooks with ingredients in odd numbers, says a small prayer when she spills salt and blesses the Easter pies before they go into the oven. Why you ask? It is because what her Nana did. For Nicole, you did not question it—you just did what you were told.

Would she trade her childhood for something else? No way, she tells us. She’s very proud of her family and all that she has learned from them.

Nicole, who is now living in Peters Township, was gracious enough to respond to some questions we had for her via email. She talked about her cooking class, her cookie business, and some of her favorite Italian traditions.

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Nicky D’s Roasted Red Peppers

I love to sit and eat a simple plate of Italian cured meats and cheese, good Italian bread, and roasted peppers. Yes, I would add a hearty glass of red wine to round out my meal. This is my ultimate comfort food.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 6.56.27 PM

The summertime is the perfect time to make roasted red peppers because the farmers markets will be abundant with them. Homemade roasted peppers freeze beautifully and I grantee once you start to make these, you will look for every excuse to eat them and add them to your meals.

Making homemade roasted peppers is really very simple. First, start out with fresh red peppers. Other colored peppers can be roasted, I‘ve used yellow and orange ones and they roast quite nicely. I just have a preference for the red ones.

Line a baking sheet with some foil, wash dry the peppers and lay them about 2-3 inches apart from each other on the sheet.  Don’t over crowd them on the sheet because you will be turning them over throughout the cooking process.

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