7 Ways to Make You a Sexually Satisfied Couple

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7 ways to make you a sexually satisfied couple

Wondering why you aren’t the one talking about your extraordinary sex life when you are brunching with your girl gang?

Are you worried that the spark in your relationship might be fizzing out even though you and your partner love each other?

Curious about how to manage your work, kids and social circles as you age while ensuring your relationship gets ample attention?

Well, nobody said being married would be easy but one can definitely agree that there is a need for certain tips and ideas to keep the physical part of a relationship on track. Don’t worry, here is a list of well-sought secrets from the experts at dr ak jain clinic that can turn things around, giving you a sexually satisfying time:

1) Don’t shy away from scheduling it

It might sound weird at first but scheduling sexual activity is a possible solution. Scheduling sex means you find the right time and the right date to enjoy, when your kids aren’t around to creep in between you two or when your in-laws are out of town.

For couples who have hectic work hours and young kids, scheduling becomes a pro-choice. It might not be spontaneous but it is worth it, especially as the quality improves and there is no exhaustion that hampers your sexual time. It’s like having your priorities list ready and showing how valuable your relationship is.

2) Privacy should be a concern

Many times, when couples have kids around or move to a new home, their bedroom is accessible to everyone. Kids enter without knocking the door and you and yet to have a lock. Hence, always have a physical lock on your bedroom door, put your kids to bed early and teach them the importance of knocking as they age.

Moreover, this also helps you have an uninterrupted time even when you have guests over or you are hosting a party. Sneaking around in your own house doesn’t really make sense if you could just have a small lock in place.

3) Don’t be scared to be quick

Marriage is also about understanding and comfort. To make the sex work, especially with less time or other commitments, mastering a quick session in bed is crucial. Both partners must not avoid speedy sex sessions, connect with each other and effectively utilize even a 10mins break. Therapists suggest some tips like fantasizing, remembering good moments and some practice to make your quickie fun.  

4) Mix it up

Even though scheduling sex or a quick make-out session is important, don’t let your sex life become boring or conventional. Be adventurous, be fun and be interesting. Find new ideas in terms of locations, positions or opportunities, don’t make your bed the only play spot and add a little roleplay if needed.

A sexually satisfied couple is aware of their partner’s likes in intimate moments and goes ahead with various planned ideas. Many couples even use sex toys or some self-created games to bring in energy.

5) Look and feel good

Confidence and self-love are also vital in a relationship. If you cannot love how you look, how can you be comfortable with your partner? Maintaining good appearances, cleanliness, and hygiene for good health plays an important role in sex.

Intimacy works on interest, care, and energy, all that come for a healthy lifestyle. Don’t take your time together for granted and stay in shape, dress up or go on dates, show that you still care. You could even boost your confidence with some pheromones for women or men and be sure that you are giving off the impression that you want to be! 

6) Play games to know each other intimately

To find the right mood and have an amazing vibe, both partners must be aware of each other. This means knowing each other’s wants, needs, desires, and dislikes. Sometimes you fail to talk about it in regular conversation, so spice-it-up with a rapid-fire round or any other game that helps you open up.

Knowledge is power, a power that works well during sexual intimacy. These conversations can happen anytime and be put to use during sex. Make sure the comfort to talk about anything that’s off during sexual activity is immense. Without informing each other, there isn’t any scope of enjoyment and understanding.

7) Keep the excuses at bay

Many times, work stress, headache or body pain act as excuses for couples to skip the fun. Sexually satisfied couples talk about how sex actually helps in easing pain and supports better sleep, which is why such excuses shouldn’t let couples avoid sex.

The more time you spend missing out on intimacy, the more difficult it becomes to light up the stove again. As a couple, find solutions and if you can’t, go for sex counselling if needed.

These were some of the secrets that will help you bring back the spark in your sexual life, especially when you have kids around. Moreover, a sexually satisfied couple exists only because both partners want it to happen, filled with love and zero resentments. Be sexy, relax and watch the magic take over.