5 Ways to Entertain Yourself at Home During the Pandemic

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Many people in Poland and around the world are struggling with the reality of dealing with what to do during quarantine. 

Being stick at home with little or no entertainment is alien to some people but we are here to help you through that with our take on fun things to do during a lockdown. To get some tips and reading from a gaming and betting point of view, you can take a look at more from our writer Jacek Michałski.

Best Ways to Relieve the Boredom

As in other European countries, lockdown measures have been getting rather strict in Poland leaving many people with little or no forms of traditional entertainment.

Those around the country are in great need of something new to do and knowing how to entertain yourself during these tough times is crucial to good mental health. If you are struggling for ideas, however, we’ve got you covered.

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1. Have a Bet

We must stress that this should be done carefully, but if you have a penchant for gambling then betting online is one of the most fun and relaxing ways to entertain yourself.

Great sites like Alf Casino provide betting offers and bonuses to give you a head start, with plenty of games and sporting activities all available to bet on. Just be sure to play safe!

2. Play Video Games

Many people already regard this as one of the most fun ways to play with yourself, so to speak, but for some it has been a long time since the games console came out of the cupboard. According to Statista there are now more than 1.5 billion video gamers in the world and surely, they can’t all be wrong?

Regular gamers may not have even noticed there’s a pandemic going on such is their dedication, so now it might be time for you to join in the fun and dust off that old online game subscription. Go, get the PlayStation or the Xbox out!

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3. Play Board Games

Hopefully, you’re in lockdown with someone you actually like and if so, then why not go old-school and get then board games out?

This will be great for the old nostalgia and perhaps make you realise that these old games make you even more competitive than any online game ever could.

So, if you’re self-isolating or have been forced into lockdown as many Poles have recently, organise yourself a games night at home and put up a prize for the outright winner.

4. Listen to Some Podcasts

Away from gaming and betting altogether, why not take the energy down a notch and just take the opportunity during lockdown to listen to some good podcasts?

Platforms such as Global Player share some of the best content around with podcasts now becoming a favoured way of not only gaining information, but chilling out as well.

Just about every possible subject you can think of is covered on a podcast somewhere, from self-improvement to love stories, radio podcasts to crime. It’s all down to what you find entertaining or relaxing.

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5. Cook!

If you really are looking to get away from the computer screen, then while you listen to your chosen podcast why not get the pots and pans out too?

This is the time that many people will discover their inner chef, unearthing skills in the kitchen they never thought they had. One thing is for sure if you don’t think you can cook, you won’t actually know until you try.


Whether you are looking for high-octane video and betting entertainment, or something to relax you during lockdown then these five ideas will surely give you some food for thought.