5 Tips for Dining Al Fresco in Your Backyard

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Open-air dining provides the perfect setting for a get-together—celebrate a special occasion, enjoy the weather, or simply experience a fun meal. Prepare your backyard for al fresco dining with these five tips.

1. Feature Seasonal Food

This gathering centers around food, so make seasonal food the star of the show. Look for fresh fruits and vegetables in their peak season and incorporate these ingredients into your menu. Your food will taste fresher and provide everyone with more nutrition.

2. Use Comfortable Seating

While picnic tables and blankets have their place, comfortable seating encourages people to relax and enjoy a prolonged meal. If you have hard outdoor chairs, add cushions that support the spine. Outdoor cushions will hold their shape and retain their color for a long time.

3. Set a Charming Table

The next tip for dining al fresco in your backyard is to set a charming table. The simplest way to do this is to use a centerpiece, such as a small bouquet, and a table runner. You can also coordinate your glassware, dining set, and cutlery, and add other table linens to create a more detailed tablescape.

4. Prepare for the Weather

Help keep guests comfortable by preparing your outdoor space for the weather. If you can’t place the dining table under a tree or overhang for shade, a large umbrella can protect people from the sun. And if the weather is cooler, throw blankets will add cozy warmth.

5. Create Ambience

Finally, add ambience with lights and music. Stylish citronella candles and torches can deter bugs while simultaneously modernizing your outdoor living space. Play music from speakers at a low volume to set the mood for your dining party. Keep in mind that wired outdoor speakers provide the best sound quality, but wireless speakers with a Bluetooth connection can meet your needs most easily.

These five tips for al fresco dining will keep everyone happy, comfortable, and well-fed. Use seasonal ingredients, prepare a comfortable space, and add decorative details for an unforgettable meal.