3 Ways To Make This Summer Unforgettable

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It may only be the beginning of spring, but that means summer is just around the corner. How are you going to celebrate the warm and lively months this year? Many people will remember summer 2020 as a season of wearing masks, canceling travel plans, and finding new and creative ways to connect with each other while social distancing. Summer 2021 can be unforgettable, too—for all the right reasons this time. Most places are still following social distancing measures to keep people safe, but you can still plan ahead with these fun ways to make this summer unforgettable.

Hone a Skill

Summer is the perfect season to try something new. The longer days and gorgeous weather fill every free hour you have with endless potential. Spend that time doing something remarkable by picking up a new talent or hobby. What have you always wanted to learn? When this summer comes along, make the jump and sign up for classes. You can find both virtual and local resources to help you master a new skill. You can attend art workshops, learn how to cook delicious summer recipes, or even practice a new language. Spend this summer learning the ropes and getting into the groove, then enjoy your fall and winter with a new hobby that you love.

Take One Big Vacation

A long summer vacation is the perfect refresh after months of hard work and dreary weather. Book a couple of weeks off so you can get away from your daily routine for a while. This is a fantastic opportunity to go somewhere you’ve never been, splurge on a nice hotel room or tickets to something fun, or even try something new during your vacation. You can also try renting an RV to travel across the country. Just make sure you know what to pack to make your adventure is a success. In addition to allowing you to explore America’s beautiful landscapes and historic highways, RVing is a safe way to travel while social distancing. This means you can keep your travel plans even if health and safety measures are still in place this summer.

A Few Little Trips

Of course, deciding on just one vacation destination can be hard. If you can’t pick one big adventure, why not break your vacation time up into a few smaller getaways? There are endless ways to make this summer unforgettable, and taking smaller trips will let you explore more than one option. Be a local tourist for a weekend and delve into all the sights and wonders that Pittsburgh has to offer. Or get out of town and enjoy the beauty of some of Pennsylvania’s state parks. Pace your mini vacations throughout the summer so you always have something exciting on the horizon. Just be sure to pack your camera so that you can capture the memories you’ll never want to forget.