Ways To Refresh a Boring Work Commute

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A routine work commute can feel like an extension of your already-long workday. Whether you’re spending an hour or 15 minutes in the car, every second spent traveling to and from work only pushes your free time further away. Start feeling more fulfilled after traveling with these ways to refresh a boring work commute. Remember how to enjoy the journey, even if the destination is your workplace.

Start a New Podcast or Audiobook Series

If you’re tired of listening to the same songs on repeat or are burnt out with the usual morning radio talk show, consider picking up a new podcast or audiobook. Pick something that won’t take your focus off of the road but will still hold your interest. When you get bored of one series, move on to something new!

Switch between podcasts, audiobooks, and music to keep your drive interesting. You may even find something that you’d want to listen to at home after your commute.

Bike or Walk To Work Some Days

For shorter commutes, you may consider switching to an alternative method of travel instead of driving a car every day. Biking or walking to work can keep you feeling energized throughout the workday. You’ll begin your day with a healthy workout and breathe in the fresh air as you shake up your commute. Make sure to stay safe while cycling, especially in congested areas with heavy traffic, like cities.

Take it easy on yourself at first; only bike or walk to work once or twice a week. As you get into the rhythm and feel more in shape, increase the number of days you commute via biking or walking.

Treat Yourself on the Way Home

Your trip home after work should feel more like free time than an extension of your workday. Make it feel more like “you time” by stopping somewhere for an after-work treat. You may stop at a café to get a gourmet coffee or swing by a restaurant to get dinner—treat yourself to something that makes you happy. Making a quick stop after work doesn’t just provide you with a snack or drink, but it also switches your route up in a positive way.

Changing the usual route shouldn’t be something you only do when there’s heavy traffic. Taking an alternate route to make a pit stop at a relaxing destination is an essential way to refresh a boring work commute. Find yourself a nature preserve on the backroads or a local restaurant that can become your new favorite—after all, change is the spice of life!