The Important Parts of Your Kitchen

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The way to an Italian mother’s heart is through her cooking and her kitchen. An Italian family’s favorite place to gather with family and friends is a table with great conversation and plenty of food for everyone. However, some people might not know the important parts of your kitchen, especially if it’s an Italian family’s, that help in the creation of mouthwatering, delicious Italian dishes.

Italian Kitchens Love Color

If you’ve been in enough Italian restaurants and cafés to notice a ubiquitous style, then you might want to check out this rustic color palette. The most prominent colors tend to be gold, orange, and yellow—all of these warm tones will make the kitchen feel cozy and welcoming. You may also notice blues and greens, typically in a tile backsplash.

These colors together make for a rustic-style kitchen, which will remind Italians of their rich history and even famous dishes from previous generations. You can also add darker hues for the countertop with hints of the colors you use on the walls.

Italian Kitchens Have Gorgeous Furniture

Every Italian kitchen needs the right furniture. If you’re sticking to a traditional rustic style, consider purchasing a natural dark wood table with wooden benches. When it comes to the stove, you’ll want a kitchen hood. Since you’re aiming for a traditional style, you can get a hidden kitchen hood that blends in with your cabinets. Kitchen hoods are essential to every dish you cook, even ones that require long hours in the kitchen.

Choose The Flooring Wisely

Use a natural-looking floor panel for your traditional rustic-style Italian kitchen. You can also use a stone flooring style, but make sure it’s a natural-looking ceramic tile. Hardwood floors with some scuff marks on them would also look nice. Consider ways to mesh contemporary with traditionally styled flooring to get the best of both.

The Lighting Is Important

Stay away from fluorescent lighting for your traditionally styled Italian kitchen unless you’re incorporating different techniques. If you’re going entirely traditional, opt for something like an iron chandelier. You’ll want your lights to have some metal finish instead of a modern touch.

Style The Kitchen Properly

We don’t mean your favorite coffee lover’s wall hanging from a retail store. We mean displaying secondhand antiques and old-fashioned decor. Put a family cookbook on display and maybe a few brightly colored dishes and pottery.

The important parts of your kitchen begin here, where you’ll make memories that last a lifetime with fantastic food and friends. So gather everyone, especially grandma, and cook to your heart’s desire.