The Dos and Don’ts for Housewarming Parties

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Housewarming parties give new homeowners a chance to show their beautiful homes to all their friends and family. Like any party, there is proper etiquette that everyone should follow for the perfect event. The hosts could do everything right, but a few unruly guests could change the dynamic of the situation. Whether you’re the host or a guest, jot down these dos and don’ts for housewarming parties.

Hosts: Do Send Out Invitations

A housewarming party is no different than any event you’d host —sending out invitations is proper etiquette. This gives guests details of:

  • Time and date
  • If there will be food
  • Your new address

In addition, you should add an RSVP date and phone number to make things easier for you. Providing guests with the listed information lets them know what to expect at your housewarming party, and inviting them to RSVP tells you how many people will come. This way, you’ll buy enough food and drinks for everyone.

Guests: Do Bring a Gift

Hosts shouldn’t expect all their guests to bring gifts, but housewarming presents are customary and proper guest etiquette. As you evaluate your options, consider what the new homeowner would like or use most. You could give them essential items like dish towels or something sweet to snack on as they unpack. It’s hard to go wrong with tasty housewarming gifts because everyone loves something sweet, especially in celebratory moments.

Hosts: Don’t Make It Too Stressful

Some make housewarming parties more of a dinner party, while others have guests drop in within a specified timeframe. Both are perfectly acceptable, and the right option depends on what works best for you. Moving is stressful, and so is hosting a party. If entertaining a large group of guests at once feels like too much, have a drop-in party. This type of housewarming party also makes it easier on guests since there’s a wider window of time for them to visit your home.

Guests: Don’t Give Yourself a Tour

Feeling excited for the new homeowner is perfectly natural, but don’t go poking around the house without their permission. Showing off the house is a moment of pride for the host; they’ve invited you so that they can give you a tour.

If you wander around the house or tell the host you gave yourself a tour, they might feel slightly offended for understandable reasons.

Everyone: Have a Great Time

Remember that these dos and don’ts of housewarming parties are suggestions to keep things running smoothly for everyone. You don’t need a regimented schedule for the event. If a guest shows up early, be polite and show them around. And if you’re the guest who shows up early, offer to help the host as they finish setting things up. After all, parties are all about bonding and having a great time with one another.