Simple and Delicious Meals To Make in Your Camper Van

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More people consider van life a potential way of life with new horizons and a stronger connection to nature. However, to accompany your time in your van, you’ll need ways to fend for yourself, and certain recipes are available for easy preparation. Consider these simple and delicious meals to make in your camper van to provide a full belly during your adventure.

Eggs and Toast From the Skillet

One of the most versatile foods is eggs; there are many ways to scramble, fry, and poach them. A couple of eggs in the morning are a great way to start the day. Whether you hang out around the camper and enjoy the nice weather or plan on hiking, protein is necessary to feel energized.

Add seasonings such as paprika, dill, and basil to add more flavor or hot sauce for an extra kick to your tastebuds. Include a side of toast with butter for a simple addition. Cook the toast in a skillet using a light oil coating, and be mindful of how much heat you use to avoid burning it.

Most of the meals you make in your camper van will require a skillet. If you start living the van life in the summer, you may want to invest in a smokeless grill that cooks your food without creating smoke in the air.

Chicken and Fried Rice

A classic meal served in the afternoon is chicken and rice. The ingredients are simple and nutritious, but you have numerous options to add flavor. Use a variety of seasonings, from garlic powder to parsley, for the chicken, and add soy sauce and butter to the fried rice to improve taste.

Both foods cook well in a skillet and won’t take long to make. Cook the rice in a colorless oil such as canola or vegetable. This simple and delicious meal in your camper van may last for days, depending on how much you make. Ensure you clean up and seal the food right after finishing to prevent seasonal pests from entering your camper.

Steak and a Baked Potato

A delicious steak tastes great after a long day of hiking or outdoor activities. Use your skillet or smokeless grill to cook the steak to the rarity you want. Add your seasonings and rub them in before putting it on the grill; make sure the juices soak into the meat to avoid dripping between the bars.

Wrap your potato in foil and poke holes in the surface. Since you aren’t near an oven, you’ll need to use a Dutch oven and place it over a fire. The heat cooks the potato, and the Dutch oven handles temperatures up to 550F°, replacing the everyday kitchen appliance.

The meals you prepare in a camper van may require more effort since you don’t have access to a kitchen, but with the right tools, you can make a great dishes with simple ingredients. Use these meals to nourish your body and provide a delicious beginning, middle, and end to your day in your van’s comfort.