How To Increase Wine Sales at Your Restaurant

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Whether your customers prefer white wine, red wine, or a delicious rosé, a glass of wine is a delightful pairing for any meal. There are many ways to increase wine sales at your restaurant and make your customers feel happy and appreciated, incentivizing them to come back again.

Proper Staff Education

Many restaurants encounter a problem not correctly explaining to their staff why they recommend one wine over another. It’s easy to suggest the shiraz, but if your customers ask why, you want your staff to have an answer beyond being told to recommend it.

Which wines are sweet versus dry wines? Take the time to teach your staff about your different wine options. The more your team knows, the more informed they appear, and customers are more likely to buy from someone who understands the subject.

Offer Tastings

If a customer seems unsure about a wine, encourage your staff to offer them a tasting. Letting your guests sample the wine gives them a chance to appreciate the flavors. If the customer finds a wine that excites them, they may choose to buy an entire bottle for the table. A small sample helps increase wine sales at your restaurant. Some restaurants also allow guests to purchase a flight of wine to give them a variety of tastes and bring some profit to your business.

A Clear Menu

Many wine lists are long, confusing, and not well-organized. If customers have trouble navigating the wine list to find something they want, they may skip the wine altogether and order water instead. Many restaurants see reasons to upgrade to a digital menu to increase sales. Digital menus allow guests to categorize wines by color, flavor, or price, narrowing down their choices and making it much easier to find something they’re likely to order.