How to Celebrate Your Stepdad This Father’s Day

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If you have a stepdad, you’re in one of many possible relational points with him. You may not know him well, are beginning to embrace his role in your life, or adore him for adopting you as his very own. No matter your relationship, as long as he’s a positive figure in your life, he deserves your celebration. To help, here’s how to celebrate your stepdad this Father’s Day.

If You’re Apart

Here are some tips for celebrating from a distance this Father’s Day.

Carve Out Video Calling Time

First, though you may be sick of it by now, getting on the phone and having a nice long video call is just what your stepdad would appreciate. Seeing your face brightens a parent’s day. Keep in mind that, though, you may have to divide your time between calling your biological father and stepfather; they both deserve your thanks this Father’s Day. Give your stepdad the space to step into a fatherly role by making sure to remember him on his day.

Send Him a Heartfelt Card

Another option when apart is sending a heartfelt card to him, coupling it perhaps with a nice Father’s Day gift. A letter detailing how you’re thankful for him will mean the world. This also gives you a chance to further welcome him into your family or your own life, depending on your current relationship with him. If you’re ready and want to surprise him, take this opportunity to call him Dad for the first time.

If You’re Together

Meanwhile, if you happen to already be together, there are several solid celebratory options.

Cook His Favorite Meal Together

Cooking together is always memorable, and on Father’s Day, you can let your stepdad run the show. Cook his favorite and take the time to make your own pasta sauce from scratch. Let him guide you through the process and have fun talking and laughing as you spend hours carefully crafting your dishes. Then, when it’s done, enjoy the fruits of your time together with a delicious meal.

Adopt Him

Another way to celebrate your stepdad this Father’s Day, if you want to do so, is to thank him from the bottom of your heart for treating you exactly like his own son or daughter by adopting him as your father. While this may not feel right if your own dad is present in your life, if your stepdad took on the role of a father, then what better way to celebrate his commitment to you than by committing yourself to him?