Bloomfield Sets The Tone For Italo-American Dining

In the late 1800s, Bloomfield became a choice destination for Italian immigrants looking to establish themselves in the U.S. and by the early 1900s, this part of Pittsburgh started flourishing. For locals, Bloomfield is a choice destination for those hoping the experience the best Italo-American cuisine has to offer. The area is jampacked with cafes and restaurants offering “Granny’s Secret Recipe” and new recipes inspired by Italy but reinvigorated with ingredients that abound in America. With new Italian eateries popping up, bold new flavors and a fusion of cultures may provide a surprising zing to a discerning palate. 

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10 Tips for Lifestyle Brands to Excel at Content Marketing

IKEA, Dove, Red Bull, Whole Foods, Airbnb and Harley Davidson — what do they have in common apart from the fact that they are all uber-successful and adored?

We love how authentic, emotional and social they are. They have a clear identity, and they aren’t afraid to show it off. And guess what? They are all lifestyle brands.

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16 Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained At Home

Are you stuck at home? Before your laziness gets to your head, remember that boredom is all but a choice. Here’s a compiled list of simple, easy, and cost-free activities that you can do to keep yourself entertained at home. From arranging your cupboard to DIY skin facials, here are sixteen ways to entertain yourself the next time you feel like counting the dots on the ceiling or hypnotizing yourself watching Netflix:

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10 Celebrities that use CBD Oil

From using CBD oil to help with the agony of wearing high heeled shoes for long hours, to anxiety, skincare, and so many other reasons, Celebrities are getting on the CBD bandwagon. Whatever the reason, Hollywood is obsessed with CBD, gaining it some free publicity.

Celebrities are not using CBD to get high, that is because this supplement offers many benefits of the cannabis plant, but without the psychoactive buzz that comes with marijuana. The cannabis plant has two main compounds that affect our bodies, CBD and THC.

Our bodies recognize cannabis through a pathway called the endocannabinoid system. CB1 and CB2 are the main receptor cells within this system that react to different parts of the cannabis plant. CBD and THC compounds that belong to a set of more than 100 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant; and these compounds react differently to these receptors.

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Benefits Of CBD For Weight Loss – Does CBD Boost Stamina & Support Muscle Gain?

If you are searching for information about the many benefits of CBD for weight loss, you have come to the right place. CBD or cannabidiol is a natural compound that’s gaining a lot of popularity in the health industry. The cannabis plant contains hundreds of cannabinoids and CBD is one of them. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is another cannabinoid that contains psychoactive properties to make a person high. 

There are many possible uses of CBD such as fighting acne, reducing anxiety and pain, boosting stamina, and aiding in losing weight. The latest research shows CBD can help people lose weight as well as reduce the risks associated with weight gain such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and metabolic disorders. CBD helps boost stamina and support muscle gain over time.

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