How does alcohol affect your sexual life?

Consuming alcohol to excess affects the sexual life of a person. Research has indicated that there is a reduction in the sexual responses in both males and females due to regular and prolonged intake of alcohol. Looking at men, it poses difficulties in achieving and also maintaining sustained erections and women might experience a reduction in lubrication or they may find difficulty in having orgasms or there is a reduction in its intensity. When a person drinks too much alcohol for an extended period of time then it might transform the temporary of the condition like brewer’s droop into a fully blown impotence as well. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to cut it back completely but the majority of the experts say that it is the moderation which is the key.  Many people mistakenly hold the notion that alcohol is actually an aphrodisiac but drinking too much alcohol over a period of time hampers the sexual drive.

Let’s find out how drinking alcohol affects the Sexual life of a person [Read more…]

Why Do People Cheat? Top 10 Reasons People Cheat

When someone is cheating on the partner, they are quite often left asking the question why? Although it is a fact that some people resort to cheating, but the question is why they do so? This is murkier.  A recent study has shown that around 15% of people have already cheated the spouses. But even when we all know that infidelity is wrong, but still some people do it. Why some of the people resort to cheating? 

There is no sole reason to explain why people walk on the path of cheating in their relationships? There are varied reasons why people cheat on their partners? Today around 40% of married couples are being affected by infidelity straight away. There is a collection of distinctive psychological patterns which cover almost all reasons in finding out why people cheat? In this article, we are trying to find out the science behind this act. [Read more…]

10 Reasons you are going to marry the wrong person

It is one of the things most of us are afraid of –marrying a wrong person. We don’t even hesitate to go great lengths to avoid it. But sadly some of us do it. We end up tying the knot with the wrong person. The couple starts bewildering quite a range of problems since the time they married and seems normal to only those people who don’t know them properly. After some time, perfection starts fading, and you discovered that your union is not that perfect anymore. Just like our lives are complicated, and in the same way, even marriages are complicated.

The most logical explanation for this can be that you end up marrying the wrong person. As love is extremely powerful of the emotion, it makes us see everything about our potential partner in the best possible way. One of the crucial aspects of love is to strengthen out the relationship. How to keep a relationship alive with Cialis, when you fall in love, you just commit to the person even without knowing properly. All of a sudden, we will find ourselves committed to all the aspects of that person, whether it is good or bad. [Read more…]

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Easy Baked Pot Brownies

Making Pot Brownies is an all-time favorite activity, and there are several recipes out there that may leave you with a bitter weed taste that takes over the whole “goody” taste and this tends to be a slight bummer for some. In this guide, we’ll go for fudge tasty chocolatey brownies with great cannabis effects.

The Basics and Dont’s of Making Pot Brownies

First, a major and common mistake for novice cannabis cookers is they blend the marijuana directly with the butter or oil without decarboxylating it first. This is important since its what really gives power to your buds when using them in edibles.

Keep in mind the amount of cannabis that will be used in relation to the butter and oil as this does make a great difference in the experience. 

If you’re making your own pot brownie recipe, note that the recommended amount of cannabis in relation to butter would be 3.5 grams per stick (112 grams).

The science behind pot brownies is really uncomplicated, the psychoactive traits of marijuana are found in THC and CBD. These blend easily with lipids and more effectively so when it’s done at low temperatures. [Read more…]

Performance marketing platform

Performance marketing platform has become the treasure that the Internet marketing market proudly carries. Over the past years, many clever words have been said, new technologies and theoretical concepts have been introduced. Performance marketing software advertisers are completely confused: what if what they were doing before was not a “performance”? To understand the question, it is necessary to gather experts from the ecommerce marketing platform “for” and “against” camps, give them a microphone and make sure that the dialogue does not turn into a frank fight.

Let’s be honest with ourselves: today there is no single generally accepted understanding of the term ‘performance marketing’. Everyone puts his own concept into this thing: some – a general approach to organizing a marketing mix on the Internet, others – a transition from quantitative to qualitative indicators of efficiency, and others are confused with new features of auction advertising procurement using RTB and programmatic. Under current conditions, it is worthwhile to move from theory to practice. [Read more…]