4 Signs That You Can Trust Your Dog Boarder

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You want to leave your dog with someone you can trust when you drop them off at a boarder. After all, your dog is not just your pet but your loyal friend and a beloved family member. Put your mind at ease by learning these four signs that you can trust your dog boarder.

The Employees Are Friendly

One sign that can make you feel comfortable about leaving your dog with a boarding service provider is that their employees are friendly. They have a nice and professional demeanor, and they seem happy with their jobs. If they seem unhappy, it might indicate that they are working under bad management.

The Facilities Look Clean

Another sign that you can trust your dog boarder is if their facilities look as neat as a pin. If their front office seems clean and there are no signs of any offensive odors, you’re on the right track.

However, if you look at their dog cages and it doesn’t appear the staff has cleaned them in a long time, it’s time to look elsewhere. Another indicator of suitability is that the water they leave out for the dogs looks fresh.

They Are Ready for An Emergency

You never want an emergency involving your dog to occur, but it doesn’t hurt to prepare for one. Therefore, your boarder should be able to tell you their plan in case your dog becomes unexpectedly ill or injured. It would help if you asked them which veterinarian will provide care and how they will contact you while you are away.

Your Dog Will Have Time To Exercise

You can also relax once you know that your dog will have plenty of time to exercise and engage in other activities. You should avoid a boarder who plans to keep your dog in a cage for most of their visit. Instead, find one that is happy to let them get stimulation and interaction with other dogs so they stay happy.

When you find a boarder with these qualities, you can feel at ease that you’ll be leaving your furry friend in their capable hands.