Why Relocating Is Costing More Than You Expected

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Moving is not the cheapest thing in the world, but it doesn’t have to be the most expensive. People assume that if they hire a moving company, then bam! All their worries will come to light, but the truth is moving companies are not the enemy. There are plenty of reasons why relocating is costing more than you expected.

Not Planning for Utility Costs

Turning off utilities and turning on new ones costs money. You must set up gas, electricity, internet, and television services. If you don’t prepare for these charges, they will hit you hard financially. Set aside enough in your budget.

Some might only cost a transfer fee which won’t be as costly as starting a new account. Call all your providers beforehand and ask what their policy is and how much you can expect to owe. Start saving as soon as they give you a rate, so that’s one less expense to worry about. Also, cut your current utility bills to save money on moving expenses.

Not Surveying the New Spot

New homes always need something. You may think everything you have in your current home will work in your new one. Think again. Hopefully, it’s nothing too big, like all-new furniture. If your current furniture is too small for the new location, you may need to shop around a bit.

Save yourself the trouble of being shocked and running up credit card debt. Go and survey the new location carefully. Eliminate the possibility of any surprises. It’s always better to prepare so you never have to get prepared. Surveying the property also allows you to check on any areas needing maintenance, and you can budget for that.

Not Getting Insurance

It might not sound like the choice to make, but it is. Working with professionals during a move could save you more money. Relocating from one home to another is risky, and if something breaks or gets damaged, that’s more money coming out of your wallet.

Working with the pros minimizes the risk of an accident happening. They’re skilled and trained to move with precaution and keep your items safe and secure. Plus, they offer insurance. So, if something were to happen, you’ll have coverage.

Not Meal Prepping

No one ever stops to think about food when they’re planning to move. It somehow escapes their minds. Sure, they think about clearing out and finishing up all the food in their current homes, but they don’t stop to think about stocking up in the new one.

This failure to meal prep could be because they focus on packing and unpacking. That’s understandable, but here is your reminder: set aside a grocery budget. You may do take-out for the first couple of nights, but after that, you’ll need something more substantial in that refrigerator and pantry.

Relocating expenses don’t have to take you by surprise and cost more than you expect. Prepare for all possibilities.