Why Are Period Like Cramps Experienced In Early Pregnancy?

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Have you ever tried to observe the kind of moods that women have when they are almost menstruating? You will realize that they are very moody and they do not want to see some things next to them. Pre-menstrual signs are almost the same as pregnancy signs. Have you ever asked yourself why? It is because the body is preparing the woman for the baby. The breasts of a woman are usually full and tender. The fullness is caused by blood which forms ducts that will produce milk to the unborn baby. This is what makes women ask the question why period like cramps in early pregnancy?

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the cramps are caused by implantation. After the egg has been fertilized, it has to implant itself on the walls of the uterus for it to survive. This process takes place naturally. During the implantation process, there usually is some blood that shed. This is what some women mistake for period during pregnancy. When implantation is taking place, you have to feel some pain because the uterine walls are really thick. This usually happens 14 days after fertilization. This can be mistaken for period cramps because many mothers do not know if they are pregnant.

These cramps are also as a result of the expanding uterus. The uterus needs to stretch to accommodate the size of the baby. That is why you see that different mothers have different abdomen sizes when pregnant. As the baby is growing, the uterus too is growing. The pain is not supposed to be felt all through but it can be felt like twice in a month. This depends on the rate at which the baby that you are carrying is growing. If you feel that the pain is too much, you need to see your doctor.

Why period like cramps in early pregnancy can be caused by the hormones that are responsible for slowing down the digestive system of a mother. A pregnant mother needs to eat foods that are rich in all types of nutrients because they are being shared by two people. The baby needs a lot of nutrients so that it can grow. The reason as to why the digestive system is slowed down is to maximize the nutrients that can be absorbed by the baby. If the pain is too much however, your doctor needs to check it out. When you are pregnant, you need to make sure that any unusual changes are reported to the doctor.