What You Should Pack for Your Fall Picnic

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The air is crisp and cool, the leaves are fading to brilliant shades of red and gold, and all your favorite seasonal flavors are filling store shelves. There’s no better time to take a picnic than in the heart of fall. Pack your picnic blanket, bundle up in your coziest sweater, and check out this list of what you should pack for your fall picnic.

Stay Cozy With Soup

There’s no better way to enjoy a cozy autumn day than with a warm, steaming bowl of soup. Fill your thermos with your favorite soup or stew so it will stay warm all day long. A hearty beef stew is a wonderfully filling meal that will keep you warm and happy. You can also lean into the season with a rich pumpkin or potato soup. Not a soup person? Fill that thermos with chili to enjoy another warm fall favorite. Don’t forget to pack all your favorite toppings, too!

Sandwiches: A Picnic Classic

You can’t go wrong with sandwiches at a picnic. If you want a warm meal, wrap your sandwiches in foil and place them in their own cooler, which you can also insulate with newspaper or paper shopping bags. Warm sandwiches, like melts or your most extravagant grilled cheese recipe, make for some of the best fall picnic food ideas. However, you can also satisfy those autumn cravings with cold sandwiches. Try turkey or black forest ham paired with your favorite cheeses. You can also lean into fun ingredients—such as cranberry spread—to get a jumpstart on those yummy Thanksgiving flavors.

Raise a Glass With Autumnal Wines

Want to add a bit of class to your picnic? A bottle of wine is just the trick. A picnic is a perfect excuse to sample new wines that are perfect for fall. Balance your favorite autumn flavors with a glass of something rich and bursting with hints of fruit and spice. Don’t forget to pack your glasses and a corkscrew!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Autumn is a great season for desserts, so make sure they’re on your list of what to pack for your fall picnic. Wrap up your picnic perfectly with a sweet treat everyone can enjoy. Pies might be too messy to bring with you, but mini pies or turnovers are a delicious alternative. You can also try a small but satisfying treat you won’t be able to get enough of, like apple or pumpkin bars.