What To Look For When Booking a Staycation

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The unique thing about a staycation is that it’s an extended vacation filled with things like work, activities, rest, and whatever else you may typically do at home. Generally, staycations are longer than normal vacations, with more day-to-day goals compared to short-term getaways. There are several things you should look for when booking to ensure your staycation is successful.

Where Will You Stay?

A staycation in a hotel may work, but consider booking something that aids in the day-to-day lifestyle. Look for a space with a functional kitchen, accommodating bathrooms, and a comfortable place to sleep at night.

Additionally, consider the outdoor amenities, like a pool, patio, and fire pit, so that you can still feel like you’re on vacation. Generally, a luxury villa will fulfill all these needs and provide that home-away-from-home feeling you’re looking for on a staycation.

What Does the Area Offer?

Because you will engage in both everyday- and vacation-style activities, you want to know what the surrounding area offers. Consider looking at places to eat, shop, and purchase groceries. In addition, look for unique tourist spots and events the locals enjoy. You want to feel like you’re at home in a new location, so try to absorb the local area as much as possible.

Will the Space Accommodate Your Crew?

While booking a place to stay, think about if the area, space, and time will accommodate everyone on the trip. This is where a luxury villa will come in handy again because they can give everyone a private space to enjoy while housing everyone comfortably.

There might be a few days on the getaway when the primary caregiver takes on work, and the children need to occupy themselves. If the staying accommodations include a kitchen, nice outdoor space, and digital media, you can ensure there is entertainment for everyone.

Book Your Stay in Advance

Booking a place well in advance is critical. This can ensure you stay on budget and build in enough time to research the surrounding area. Depending on the length of stay, you will also want to make sure you make accommodations for all your belongings without inducing too much pre-trip stress. By booking ahead of time, you allow more than enough time to plan activities, pack everything, and arrive safely.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to consider and look for when you book a staycation. As such, give yourself plenty of time and patience as you invest in the process. Remember the goals of your trip and try to focus on the things you can control.